4 Archetypes ~ Embodied on the Course

4 Archetypes ~ Embodied on the Course

Journey through each phase of the archetypes, diving into the phases that need healing; completing the course by bringing all 4 archetypes into their power so that you may fulfil your juiciest and deepest path!

During the 4 day Womb & Fertility Massage Course, we spend time diving into the wisdom of our wombs, one way in which this is done, is through menstruality.

What is Menstruality?

We are aware that we have 4 different phases of a menstrual cycle; Menstruation, Pre-Ovulation, Ovulation and Pre-Menstrual. Each one of these phases connects us to a different energy, noticing that in some weeks we are full of energy and positivity and others we feel tired, more irritable and crave our own space. This is natural, but we often fight it, trying to push through when our body is shouting at us to rest or trying to be creative when energetically we are in a more critical or editing phase.

Honouring this wisdom brings peace to our lives.

Recognising the phases that are tricky and how they are connected to experiences of our past can bring deep healing.

Gaining an awareness of our bodies needs through the phases of our cycle, brings clarity and focus.

The 4 Archetypes

“Nymph” – Spring, Pre-Ovulation, Waxing Moon, Menarche

Young Goddesses; not fully formed, not fully grounded with an air of mischief about them.

“Creatrix” – Summer, Ovulation, Full Moon, Mothering years

A woman who is deeply connected to herself; taps into her creative & juicy power to birth life, ideas and visions.

“Warrior” – Autumn, Pre-Menstrual, Waning Moon, Peri-Menopausal to Menopause

To have strength, deep passion and wisdom to forge new pathways that are in true alignment with her calling.

“Wisdom Keeper” – Winter, Menstruation, New/Dark Moon, Wise years

With an awareness of enhanced consciousness, wisdom is shared with love and compassion.


Embodiment on the Course

The 4 days of the course start on Day one in the Nymph phase flowing through each phase on each day, gaining awareness and enhanced consciousness to step out of the course into a new layer of YOU!

If you would like to join us on one of our courses and experience this for your own healing journey and gain wisdom to share with your clients, then please view our 2020 Schedule here.

Womb blessings

Clare xx

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