Womb & Fertility Massage Course

Womb & Fertility Massage Course

Womb & Fertility Massage is a unique training; blending the spiritual with physical massage. A nurturing, fluid & feminine abdominal & sacral massage, with the emphasis on womb health, menstrual health and fertility.

“This is so much more than a massage course!”


During the 5 days you will learn the Womb & Fertility Massage “protocol”, with lots of time to both practise and receive this beautifully relaxing therapy, which works all the areas that we as women hold tension, hormonal imbalance & past experiences. This means that we can allow ourselves to sink deeply into the senses and our womb spaces, so that we can begin to acknowledge and heal our own womb wounds as we train, whilst being held in safe space by experienced tutors. This is part of the process to then be able to support other women in their healing journey.

You will be greeted by a womb meditation and blessing, sit in circle and share with a sisterhood ~ a gift in its self.

We will tap into the menstrual cycle inner seasons and what they mean to us, and use visualisation to reclaim the energies of the womb and Spiral Ceremony.

To gain some insight into the Energy of the Menstrual Cycle, you can watch a presentation I did for Think Tree Hub.

You will also get to experience a wrapping with Rebozo scarves, which we call “Restoring the Soul”, similar to a “Closing of The Bones”, which many experience as a “rebirth”.

*images by Gaby van Ampting

On completion of the 5 days, you will be invited into our private FB forum, where over 750 practitioners openly share both personal and professional stories, advice & support. This is a piece of pure magic as we support each others as true sisters. There is no charge and yet this support is INVALUABLE for the practitioner.

We use Rebozo cloths as part of the massage, a tradition I learnt from 2 Mexican midwives in 2006 when I was a Doula (unfortunately I do not remember their name). We purchase the cloths from Mexico, honouring the lineage from where they came and the women that create them. There is a lot of discussion around cultural appropriation now, I invite you to read this article, so that you can be assured we honour the learnings and traditions.

Theory lessons are taught via distance learning, in your own time. You’ll will have access to video downloads, PowerPoint handouts and an E-Book. There is a theory and practical exam, case studies and you will be awarded CPD with FHT and Think Tree.


Course Modules & Overview

Click here to gain an insight into what you will learn over the 5 days

Course Locations

We hold courses in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia.

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For Course Dates, Venues, Fees & Bookings, please visit the course venue of your choice


Course Timings

10am to 5pm each day ~ Arrival 9.30/9.45am   (unless stated otherwise)


Course Investment

Please visit your chosen venue for the Course Fee.

Instalment Payment Plans

Payment Plans are available, please feel free to email Clare, as we are always happy to be flexible to help you!

Instalment Agreement



We are delighted to be able to open this course to ANY WOMAN who feels the call to do this work, regardless of prior experience or qualifications.

If you are a Massage Therapist already, you can book on to the course without completing any additional modules.

If you are NOT a Massage Therapist, please follow this link to find out further information on the additional modules to gain insurance and accreditation.



Course Fee Inclusions

  • 5 Day Intensive Course
  • Practitioner DVD
  • Practitioner Listing on website
  • Access to Private Facebook Forum for invaluable ongoing support
  • Certification Process
  • Comprehensive Course E-Book, Theory Handouts and Videos
  • Resources Page with visualisations, self help programme, e-books, articles and more
  • Email/Telephone contact with Clare
 ** There are no membership fees

Participant Numbers

A minimum of 6 participants is required to host a course. Where the participants numbers are lower – the host will offer a full refund or transfer to another course venue or date.


You can attend the course either for your interest or if you wish to receive Womb & Fertility Massage Certification, you will need to fill the following requirements:

Upon these being fulfilled, you will be issued with a Fertility Massage Certificate which is accredited/approved by Think Tree Hub, FHT, IICT and MMA.

Your certificate will be valid for 3 years form the date of your course. To ensure the standard of practice is kept to a high level, we invite all therapists to join us for a Refresher & Reassessment day prior to the expiration of their certificate. This will allow therapists to continue being listed on the website as a practitioner, be a member of the Facebook group and gain insurance.


* The theory exam is an open-book exam, made up of multiple choice or short answer which you complete at home.

**The practical exam is held on the final day, and I do not expect you to “know” the massage, however, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your movement, energy and skills in a relaxed environment.