Case Studies

Case Studies

Number of Case Studies

To gain your certificate, you are required to complete 12-18 case studies in total. (18 is for those without prior massage qualifications and those that may need to show a little more development)

These can comprise of a minimum of 1 client seen 4 times. The rest can be made up of individual sessions or regularly visiting clients.

You can treat women, men, teenagers…they do not need to be experiencing fertility issues, as you will discover that this therapy is far more than just fertility.

Example for 12 Case Studies:

Client A * 3 sessions

Client B * 4 sessions

Client C * 4 sessions

Client D * 1 session

OR If I ask you to do 18:

Example for 18 Case Studies:

Client A * 6 sessions

Client B * 4 sessions

Client C * 4 sessions

Client D * 3 sessions

Client E * 1 session


Consultation Forms

I have devised a consultation form, which you are welcome to use and adjust to include your logo and contact details.

Fertility Massage Therapy Consultation Form 2013

Fertility Massage Therapy Consultation Form FOLLOW UP


To see how other students have completed case studies, please click the links below:

Fertility Massage case study

Fertility Massage Case Study 2

Information Required

Please send a summary of the following:

  • Your findings physically
  • Your findings emotionally
  • Did you spend longer, or add techniques in a particular area?
  • What your after care advice was
  • Did you incorporate a visualisation or other energy work – any findings
  • Feedback from your client.

On following sessions:

  • What improvements do you feel?
  • What improvements did they feel/find (i.e. change in pain, colour of blood, mucus etc…)
  • Did you alter the massage this time?

Completion Time of Case Studies & Listing on Website

As you know Fertility Massage is accredited by external bodies and as part of the compliance to gain and keep the accreditation they can ask to audit the paperwork at any point. Those of you who have not completed the case studies and coursework will not be listed as “practitioners” on my site until I have received all coursework and you have been issued the certificate.

You have 12 months from the last day of the course to complete the written work and case studies or you may be required to complete some of the practical training again to ensure you are of the high quality standard that we aim to achieve. If you still haven’t completed your case studies within 12 months of completing the course, please contact me.

The reason for this is in order to remain accredited I have to demonstrate that you have completed all the elements and I must be able to present, at request/on demand evidence that people calling themselves fertility massage practitioners, or listed on my website as such have completed the theory and case studies. If I have no evidence, then it shows that I have not met the criteria for accreditation and could lose it.