Refresher Courses

Refresher Courses

It is a requirement to complete the Refresher Course once every 3 years.

Womb & Fertility Massage continues to evolve and therefore it is important that we update our skillset to ensure that we are offering the best treatments to our clients. You will gain 5 CPD points for attending.

We see a Refresher as a time for sharing, updating, questioning and ensuring that everyone is offering Womb & Fertility Massage best practice to all of our clients, throughout the world. It’s a way of maintaining the good name that we all trade upon and ensuring that all FM therapists on this website are offering treatments to a high standard.

During the Refresher day, you will be reassessed to ensure that your treatment is in alignment with the Womb & Fertility Massage practice.


We will now be offering the option to attend either a 1 or 2 day Refresher.

During the 1 day refresher, you will focus mainly on the techniques and practical elements of the Therapy.

We invite you to stay for a 2nd day, allowing time to truly reconnect back into the sisterhood and womb circle, allowing for more time to be spent on questions, personal healing, ceremony and restoring your own womb love and connection.


You have 12 months from the date of your course to complete and submit your case studies and online theory. We understand that occasionally life changes and this isn’t possible, for example – Covid, Pregnancy, Family situations – if this is the case, please contact me to inform me and request an extension.

Students trained prior to 2019 and NOT QUALIFIED

  • If you trained prior to 2019, and have yet to submit your case studies, you will be required to complete the 4 day course again, at 50% of the fee. You can not attend a one day refresher.
  • ** During these times, we are only able to open one space per training for a 4 day refresher, for those tutors hosting smaller courses**
  • If you trained in 2019 and have yet to submit your case studies, these are due by 1st September 2021

Students trained prior to 2019 and QUALIFIED

  • For any therapists who trained between 2014 -2018, you are required to complete a Refresher course by the end of 2021.
  • If this is not feasible, you will need to contact us to book onto a 2022 Refresher course.
  • For those who live abroad or too far from an Associate Instructor, please contact me and we will arrange Zoom training.


  • You are listed on the website as a practitioner upon receiving your certificate.
  • If you do not refresh your skills within the given timeframe, we will remove your name from the website listing, as we like to ensure that we have accurate information for those looking for a therapist, which include therapists that are active and up to date on their skills.


  • You are entered into the Facebook Support Group upon completion of training.
  • However, to ensure that we keep the energy of the group vibrant and focused on practising therapists, we will remove therapists that have not completed the refresher or case study requirements.


  • It is immoral to practice and promote FM if you have not completed your qualification.
  • You are uninsured to practice FM without the qualification
  • You are placing the reputation of FM worldwide in jeopardy if you are practising without qualifications and without the relevant insurance. Your standard massage qualification DOES NOT cover you for FM.
  • You are not entitled to use the Fertility Massage Trademark if you are not qualified or not listed on this website as a practitioner.


You have 3 options to complete a Refresher:

  • Attend a Refresher Course
  • Attend a Refresher Day with an Associate Instructor (either a 1-2-1 or small group privately arranged)
  • Attend all 4 days of a course at 50% of the course fee
    • (50% Early bird fee applies to bookings made 3 months prior to the course)

2021 Dates


AUTUMN DATES TBC – Mersea, Essex – please contact Clare directly to arrange or Booking Form here



17th September 2021- booking form here


15th September 2021-  booking form here



29th October 2021 – booking form here



Please contact the Australian Associate Instructors for further details on other course dates

June 27th 2021 – Perth Edwina Taylor  – WA

February 6th 2022 – Sydney Edwina Taylor  – WA

Jacqui Ward – QLD

Carol Jones – VIC/SA


Course Details

Refresher Courses will run from 10am to 5pm, please arrive at 9.30-9.45am for a cuppa and womb hug

We will cover the Full Massage, with the opportunity to share and receive.

This is also an opportunity to step back into the sisterhood, reconnect and refresh all skills.

There will be time for Q&A.