Student Testimonials

Testimonials from Students

Caron, Brisbane Australia 2017 + 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the Womb & Fertility Massage course with Clare and also the refresher with Jacqui a few years later.

I am a Naturopath, Herbalist and Midwife not a massage therapist and I wanted a body work modality to add to what I do to help women with menstrual and fertility issues, I’m so glad I chose this course it turned out to be the best thing possible. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit for me as I am postmenopausal and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to relate to the younger women in the group or that they might not relate to me. It turns out that I was worrying unnecessarily as we all got along very well. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of ages of women and their backgrounds who attended both courses. I didn’t feel out of place at all, in fact I felt very comfortable and made some lovely friends.

Clare has a wonderfully warm and inviting mannerism that puts people at ease straight away. She is so giving and accepting, there is no judgement from her, so I didn’t feel anxious or self-conscious doing the massage. I loved this course because I felt it was as much about personal growth and Spiritual development as it was about the theory and hands on aspects. Doing the theory online gives more time in the course for self-development, insight, reflection and growth. The in-person course is very practical but is conducted at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm and there is plenty of time for practice to gain confidence and there is always time for personal reflection and insight. I feel that doing this course has helped me to unlock a side of myself that I denied all my life, to accept myself for who I am, to grow in so many ways. Jacqui is also a warm and gentle teacher who holds space in a different way to Clare but just as powerfully. I gained so much from both women that I can never fully express my gratitude to them.

It is a very beautiful massage therapy to give to others, but you also gain so much yourself at the same time. It’s hard to explain but you feel peaceful and the beauty of it permeates your very soul. I have had truly amazing feedback from clients and what’s even more exciting is that some of them have become pregnant while having treatments from me! I feel truly blessed to have found not just this type of modality, but in particular this course with Clare, it has changed my life. Thank you so much Clare and Jacqui for the wonderful work you do, you bless so many people’s lives in so many ways.

Emma, Mersea England 2021

I attended a Womb and Fertility Massage course with Clare Spink @empoweredfeminine in August 2021. I went with the intention of learning new skills and possibly get to know some like minded women……… well, I got that and a WHOLE lot more. I did the course on Mersea Island which is a truly magical place as is the cabin where Clare hosts the training. As soon as Clare opened the door to welcome me I felt so comfortable, I knew I had made the right decision and was where I needed to be. The massage itself is such a beautiful ritual, honouring women and the bodies that we have been given and the amazing things we are capable of. At points though out the 4 days I felt slightly hypnotised by the slow flowing movements of the technique. To say my time on Mersea was life changing would not be an exaggeration. I had a truly healing experience as well as gaining the practical skills I need to share this deep but gentle massage with my clients. The course is truly special because of the teacher – Clare Spink. Clare has so much knowledge and so willing to share, her fluid movements, her wisdom and her calming touch and presence ensure that if you sign up for this course or any other you will have a truly unique experience and it is difficult to truly put into words the ‘magic’ that is Clare. The ladies on my course, 8 strangers on day 1 left as soul sisters on day 4. If you are considering booking a course, I say….. DO IT!!!!!!

Jayne, Mersea England 2021

Bless you Clare Spink!!  For the wonderful womb and fertility massage course you have created and lovingly shared with us ‘wombies’!  For Clare to share her knowledge, wisdom, creativity and understanding during the course was an honour to witness, joyous and revelatory. I have experienced channelling and release from Clare which I will never forget; unblocking my own trauma, my spirituality and wisdom which I had locked away.  You have given me back my yearning to heal others.

It is so very difficult to put into words how life-changing my few days on Mersea was, sounds such a cliché and not a phrase I have ever used. I have taken away friends for life from my experience.  Women who, energetically as a group, were immensely powerful, a power that was tangible; beautiful, magical, loving, supportive, wise, open and honest, such a blessing to be a part of this deep connection.

As deep and profound as the course was, we absolutely had FUN!!!  Deep belly laughter; singing, ‘bants’, music and dancing.  The women who were ‘sent’ to do this course made it amazing!!

I would also like to thank Clare’s extensive back up team, her family, who made us feel we were at home and comfortable in our new surroundings, nothing was too much trouble for Pauline, John, Xav and Pete.  xx

Thank you Clare for everything you give back and share, so that we can also be a part of the bigger picture of healing and honouring  women, as it always was and needs to be.

Victoria, Mersea England 2020

When I hear that Clare was running this course from her home village in a private log cabin I jumped at the chance. I had originally considered the London course but hadn’t booked on because I was seeking a more intimate learning experience. I felt strongly drawn to learn womb massage with a small group of sisters, just like they would have done in ancient times. This course didn’t disappoint!

 The course content was covered in such a free-flowing experiential way which added to the wonderful experience of the course. If you’re looking for a linear course with strict protocol then this may not be for you but if you’re ready to trust your instinctual wise woman (and learn some amazing techniques) then this course is definitely for you!

I felt the beauty and strength within each person on the intimate course and we all learnt so much from each other. 

When you’re involved in such deep processes of personal exploration and learning the energy from an intimate group becomes an integral part of the experience. 

We shared our stories, we unpicked and unravelled unhelpful patterns and there was an inner shift by the end of the course, there was more self-acceptance and understanding and a desire to deeply nourish myself and others. 

There were a few emotional releases during our time together and every person present contributed in some way to holding space like a queen. I have made some friends for life and I’m so excited to watch and support them on their journeys of offering womb healing.

Clare is an incredible human being and it was a privilege to learn from her vast experience. She is a total bad ass and there will always be such gratitude for her coming into my life! She has empowered and enriched my life in so many ways. 

This experience opened my eyes and my heart even more to the essential need for deep connection to our hearts, wombs, community and pachamama. Thank you Clare x

Naomi, Mersea England 2020

Deciding to join Clare’s womb massage course was one of the easiest and most instinctive decisions I have made in my life. The experience with Clare was life changing. I don’t write that lightly. I experienced the most beautiful, intense and transformational few days in Clare’s beautiful log cabin. I felt completely held and wrapped in a golden ball of light for the whole time I was there. I arrived one person and left another. I sobbed most of my way home leaving Clare’s course. I have never felt as held as I did with Clare and the small group. I have left with three sisters who I will hold in my heart. Due to the intimate nature of the course, I was able to learn at a much deeper level. Clare was able to spend time showing us particular aspects to the massage and I left with such confidence. So much so, I completed my first case study just 2 days after the course finished with a friend. It felt bold and it was beautiful- in fact I had glowing feedback from all my case studies. This is my path. This is the medicine I need to be giving to the world. Clare is a real-life angel who has guided me on my journey in ways I can’t express.

Louise, Mersea England 2020

I’d booked into Clare’s Fertility Massage course due to take place in London October 2020. Then came lockdown. Clare kept in touch with us throughout and worked to find a solution that enabled us to go ahead with the course but feel safe in doing so.
The course was held in a spacious log cabin in Clare’s parents garden on Mersea Island. There was plenty of room for a small group of four and the smaller group made the course much more intimate. The Cabin was private so we felt very safely held. We were invited into the house for a shared lunch. The whole four days was magical.
Clare holds space so beautifully, the tuition and care shown by her is deeply nourishing. I’d completely recommend anyone undertaking the course in Mersea rather than in a bigger venue. Thank you Clare x

Marta, London England 2020

Clare and her assistants couldn’t be more approachable, helpful and supportive. I felt very comfortable  with them as members of my family/friends.

I was expecting an amazing training but in the reality was much much better than I expected. All the connection between all the women was exceptional and magic. I recommend this amazing 4 days shared with beautiful souls for who heard the call. I’m so grateful for my decision.

Netty, London England 2020

If you’re thinking of attending… Click enter now! This is more than a course, it’s a necessity for all women. Guided, supported, nourished, cleansed, grateful, loved.. To sum up In a few short words. To know I now have the aboty to help heal in an even deeper way is nothing but an honor. From my heart to your heart – take the course

Zoe, London England 2020

This course was more than I expected, I thought I was going to learn how to effectively learn fertility and womb massage, which I did but I also aligned myself in the process. It was a fantastic week with class instruction and It is certainly one of the best courses I have attended.

Alison, London England 2020

The most incredible 4 days. All of us meeting as strangers but after 4 days not wanting to leave each other. Nothing mattered about each others backgrounds or stories. we all had our love for healing, nurturing and wanting to help other women on their journeys. I thank Clare and her team from the bottom of my heart for sharing their beautiful knowledge and compassion.

Letty, London England 2020

Clare, you and your supporting wombies were excellent. In my time of need Ruth and Val were extremely sensitive and compassionate.

You oozed with pride for your founded massage and that pride creates such a positive vibe within the course.
Your discipline to promote your massage and teach with such confidence is truly inspiring. I left that week feeling 100% happier with myself and I left focused for the next chapter in my life.

I attended the course in London. The venue was lovely and easy to find thanks to the informative letter I received prior to the course combined with the personal email communication with Clare leading up to the course.

Clare has created a truly amazing womb and fertility massage course.

It is clear to see Clare lives and breaths for her work, with the pride oozing through creating a very infectious positive energy.
This course has had a profoundly positive effect on my life and with out sounding dramatic has changed me.
My spiritual self has been awakened due to the roller-coaster ride that is the seasons learning, which ended gloriously with the support of my new womb sista’s.

Do not be fooled into thinking it is 4 days of learning the Womb and Fertility Massage techniques, this course is so much more than that.

The course included a very powerful spiritual side including mediation, visualisation work and ceremonies.

I want to thank you Clare for sharing all your grounded wisdom with other women and thank you for the strength I have gained during my time with you and your assistant wombies.

My self healing Journey inspired writing 

From the moment I walked in my heart begun to bounce. I had entered a space that was unexpected with a powerful force edging me to let go, be free.  

I started a journey, one I did not realise I was starting.
Each day I started somewhere new with many turnings I did not realise I was turning.
The journey of bumps began to flatten, bumps I did not realise existed.
Each day of my journey my soul healed that bit more.
My spirit awakened, I am healed I am free

Jemma, London England 2020

I loved Clare and her helpers. They made me feel welcome, safe and happy. I don’t think anyone wanted the course to end.

This course was everything I hoped for and 1000 times more!! I loved the sisterhood, the spiritual side and support more than I can say. It was a like I had found something, I didn’t even know what I was looking for, but it felt absolutely right. Thank you.

Vikki, Ireland 2019

Clare has such a special way of making the learning so enjoyable, and dealing with such serious and heartfelt matters in a light but yet deeply caring manner. I would highly recommend this course to any woman looking to further deepen their womb connection and to bring these gifts out I to the world. This course is so much more than a massage course, it is a deep and spiritual healing few days, I am so grateful that I was able to attend this course and look forward to developing my practice.

Amy, Ireland 2019

Clare is amazing, she is so passionate about what she does. She’s an inspiration!

The course was so much more than I expected…I laughed, cried a lot but came away a different person and a better therapist. My new skills will help so many people, I can’t wait for this part of my life to begin

Clare, Manchester England 2019 (held by Andrea & Leora)

Well what can I say!   What a Spiritually awesome and awakening of the womb course.  I would recommend to any sister that is guided to do this kind of healing work on other sisters!   I will remember these 4 days forever.

The course was truly amazing, heartfelt, spiritual, and everything I hoped it would be!
The course tutors Andrea Clarke and Leora Leboff where gorgeous teachers and helped all the students through emotional releases that happened.  They were very knowlegdable and supportive through each stage of the course.
Since leaving the course in October, I have started my case studies without delay and having great feedback from my clients, infact more than great, they think its magical, they can’t wait until I’m fully trained so they can start having treatments.
I wouldn’t hestiate to recommend this course to other therapists,  as I know it will benefit so many women through each stage of their life.

Stacey, Melbourne Australia 2019 (held by Carol)

Carol held the space wonderfully and was an amazing guide through all of it.

I found the womb and fertility massage training course to be one of immense healing and learning. I went into this course 80% for myself and 20% for professional reasons, feeling that one day I would like to work with women with similar experiences to my own. I walked out of that course feeling lighter and more grounded in path than I ever have before. For me personally a lot was shed and healed over those 4 days and now I feel that my journey to begin working with other women has begun. I’m so grateful for the experience of this wonderful training, of sitting in circle with other women, of diving into this womb work.

Adele, Sydney Australia 2019 (held by Edwina)

Thank you so much for holding such a wonderful course last week.

You have such a lovely way of teaching. I found the way you explained things very clear and well paced.

You come across as grounded and full of wisdom. You held our space beautifully and guided us through what we needed to release. You amazed me with your talent of guiding people through their blocks when we were doing the ‘four season work’ you were so present, a tower of strength and seemed to know exactly what to say. This work alone is so powerful.

I gained some great insights and released some grief that I had not even had a chance to acknowledge.

The last time I did the course I gained the strength and hope to go forward with my last chance at IVF, and I called my baby into my womb with all of my heart. I was so blessed to finally birth my son and I know the course and the ongoing fertility massage helped me immensely.

Lydia, Sydney 2019 (held by Edwina)

I just wanted to share with you, that although I did not attend the whole course that Edwina taught in Sydney, as a Yoga teacher for almost 30 years I was extremely impressed with Edwina’s teaching.

Having been at the course that she trained with you at and to see where she is today was just awesome!

She did a brilliant job and really held a spiritual space for this intimate healing work, she did you and herself proud!


Saadia, 2019

The womb massage course was really life changing for me. Some things during the course (because of my religion) were a little awkward for me, but I appreciate it a lot that you let me be me.

Thats why I loved the course more! I was me and I felt loved and accepted.

So a big big Thank you for everything! and I’m wishing you the best.

Please keep doing what you do, because you are awesome!

Louise, 2018

The Fertility Massage course has changed my life, literally, which I know does sound quite dramatic. It gave me focus and the confidence and tools to work with women who have fertility issues and other areas such as pregnancy loss and reproductive health issues. It has opened up a world to me where I feel I can really make a difference and do a job that is so enjoyable and rewarding. Clare is an amazing, experienced, Teacher who as well as having a great deal of knowledge, also works very much with an open heart. She is so grounded and approachable, but yet really tuned into the womb, healing energies and the mind, body and spirit connection.

Linda, 2018

I attended Fertility Massage Therapy course in London recently and, of all the courses I have attended spanning 12 years, it was the best value for money.  Clare is very generous in the materials and tools she provides which is all inclusive of the course fee which in my opinion is exceptionally reasonable.

Ann, Belfast Northern Ireland 2017

I attended the training in Belfast and from the moment I enquired to booking was straightforward. All questions I had was answered quickly and in a friendly manner.

The course itself was in my opinion reasonably priced with fabulous resources to accompany the training which enhanced the whole experience.

I got quick feedback on my case studies and found that nothing was too much trouble.

I would highly recommend this training course and wished that I had done it sooner.

Tania, 2017

“A huge thank you to Clare and Leora for “releasing me” One of the reasons I wanted to attend the Fertility Massage course was for own issues with my menstruation, but nothing would of prepared me for the profound life changing effect it has had on me. The four days were an emotional roller-coaster, but in a good way, releasing deep seated emotions and allowing a huge shift. The bond we made as “sisters” in our small group is something I very much cherish. The knowledge that I walked away with to help my clients on their conception journey has added to my already existing tool box of skills. I am now inspired to seek further knowledge from menache to menopause and if you offer and advanced course at any time I will be the 1st to put my name down!”

Clara, 2017

This is an amazing course that I highly recommend. You will emerge transformed on both a personal and professional level.

Clare has magnetic charisma and channels extraordinary passion and enthusiasm for her craft, along with great support from her team. You cannot help but feel inspired.

I am so glad that I attended this course and am excited about offering Fertility Massage to the women I work with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Clara’s creative writing inspired by the course is shared with love

Sacred Journey

The pathway moved her along deeper with the rhythm of the drum and the beating of her heart
In the centre of the cave, the crystals shone with ancient wisdom, calling women to remember what had been long forgotten
She could feel the wind from the eagle’s wings high above
Her ancestors weeped and raged like a storm
Their pain and tears seeped into the edges of things, dripping and pulling at corners
It was time to speak the unspoken. Root to rise
The wave surged until it reached a crescendo
The noise pulsed in her ears
She reached up her arms and pulled down the light from the stars and moon and poured it into her womb space
The women were holding her hands, in a circle never to be broken, the fire of the Goddess was inside them
She looked deep into her daughter’s eyes and she could see infinite patterns that touched her soul
She was rocked gently
There was stillness in the centre of a point in time
She heard a whisper in her ear
There is nothing to fear. It has always been about love. Eternal LOVE

Milly, 2017

Milly’s creative writing inspired by the healing journey on the course

Ancestral Womb Reclaiming

Strength and power to the women to reclaim themselves,
Reclaim their power, reclaim their wombs.
We are all sensual women.
Suppressed, angered,
Abused and accused.
Tortured, murdered and hated,
Burnt, stalked and hung.
We ALL, every one of us before,
created life – of the next woman.
The next woman to receive, give and love,
The next woman to journey, create, explore and grow.
Every. Single. One.
And now. It is me.
I am at the forefront of these women,
I am standing with the candle burning.
It is up to me to keep this spiral growing.
It must not end here.
This power, this magic,
Creation and life.
I call on my holy-ness,
I call to my mamas,
to create life,
to create a womb inside of me.
I bless that life with my wisdom,
I love that life.
Welcome to me,
Welcome to be


Lisa, 2017

Lovingly shared from Lisa, her musings post course

Dubbadum Dubbadum her heart did beat,
She lay back on her bean bag what did she seek?

She had travelled far not just in actual distance and time,
arriving at the womb centre what she thought feeling fine..

Day 1. I’m here just to learn a new skill, it pricked my interest, she noticed approaching an emotional hill.
Day 2. Ermmm what’s this feeling erupting up, did Clare Blake put some weird sh** in the sacred womb cup?
Day 3. Oh boy….Yup its here my heart opened wide, no longer fighting the tears, they streamed down, with my Sista’s by my side.
Day 4. I knew I’d never be the same again, the circle of love I felt seeping into every part. And every morning in the mirror I see you all, palm to chest I hear you all say “From my Heart to your Heart, Thank you Sista’s you’ll stay”

Lydia, 2017

This is lovingly shared by Lydia, her journaling on the last day of the course…

Leaving you all on Thursday….

Sitting in a busy coffee shop in a rush hour London with spread sheets on laptops to my left and headphones connecting to smart phones to my right.
I feel a stillness.

You know all those settings on your TV? Brightness, contrast, volume… some settings you didn’t even know you could change. Well, my internal modes have been cranked up. Things are loud.

But I can hear MYself. My voice, my breath, my heart. I really feel my heart. My womb. My warm belly with this gorgeous sacred oval at its base. I feel the extremities of my body like never before. EVERYBODY!! LONDONERS HEY!! I’VE GOT A SECRET.

The secret is I’m part of this sisterhood. We come into circle and we welcome each other, we open our hearts to heal and we share with each other, when we cry -we’ve got a fan of hands just waiting to rest on our shoulder and a knowing look to offer support. We are safe and the space is held. As sacred as a temple.

And the best bit? We listen. We are heard. We are valued. What we say is important.

It’s our secret so far, Sisters. I’ll keep it safe and share with Love.

Rebecca, 2016

Having gone through a fertility journey of my own this work found me at a time in my life when I most needed it.

Clare is an exceptional woman with a wealth of love and knowledge that she is able to pass on and teach you in a way that is not only magical but truly inspiring and transforming.

Fertility massage is simply the most amazing treatment to give and receive, it’s healing, nourishing and life changing. The power it gives to women to help them believe in them selves and their bodies again is so wonderful to watch, and it really works just after one session most women see or feel a difference in their bodies and mind.

I feel it’s not only for women with fertility issues but for every women’s general good health.

I have been blessed to now have been on 3 of Clare’s courses one of which was in Bali… yes I may be an addict, but each time my depth of understanding and knowledge expands and it’s such an exciting world.

I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Clare for teaching, guiding and healing me into this wonderful world of therapy…. Super star you are.


Sarah, 2016

The course exceeded all my expectations in every way. The fertility massage is such a beautiful treatment, it is a joy to give and heavenly to receive. 

The best part of the course is the healing which goes on during the practising, we all arrived as strangers but left as sisters. 

Thank you Clare for such an amazing experience I will never forget.

Suzie B, 2016

For decades I have experienced unbearable periods and have been diagnosed with endometriosis, POCS, Fibroids and irregular (2 x monthly) heavy bleeding and was a sexually abused child.

I started investigating a holistic approach to these issues and also my best friend was searching for a natural fertility solution when we both singly found Clare Blake’s Fertility Massage and Womb Healing course.  This confirmed this was the course for me and so began my amazing journey and the reconnection to myself.

I arrived at the course with a intense period, robbed of all my energy from heavy bleeding; feeling ill and crushed from the toll my periods were taking on me.  I confess I have never felt feminine or womanly and kept myself separate from this (her).  So started the journey of my own healing and reconnection of my own divine divinity of the feminine essence and the connection of an amazing sisterhood of women and becoming a “womb sister”.

This course is designed not only to learn about Fertility Massage and Womb Healing but to discover your own womb and the divine feminine that is within all of us.  For me it was an awakening to a part of myself that I had long since rejected.  The phenomenal Clare Blake and her team of “womb sisters” provide the loving support that is shared with all the amazing women that attended the course, we all held a space for each other without judgment but with love and support, tears and laughter and joyous dancing.

This course was more than becoming a practitioner in this healing modality.  We all undertook a journey of self discovery during the course.  It was an awakening to the wisdom of the feminine.  Everyone shared and gave inspiration and Clare championed us all throughout the process.

By doing this course I have a reconnection with my womb and being feminine. I feel complete!  I feel ready to support my clients with their fertility or womb issues as I have experienced the healing for myself!


Adele, 2016

Dearest Clare,

Words can’t describe the gratitude I have for your teachings and healing journey that you have facilitated over the last 5 days. You welcomed us everyday with genuine warmth, love and compassion. You brought such immense energy to every second. You held each and every one of us like a child in your arms. You morphed with ease and grace from hilariously funny ‘Essex Chick’, to ‘Shamanic High Priestess’ to Teacher of amazing wisdom. Your teaching style is so relaxed that any anxiety that I normally feel when doing a course was gone and yet the massage sequence flowed from my hands without really thinking about it.

I think you’ve also saved me a few thousand bucks in therapy with the incredible healing shifts I received. I have found a new family of sisters and a new connection to self, not to mention new massage skills that I can’t wait to give.

Silvia, 2016

This is the most unique and interesting course that I have ever attended. This course is not merely a training course, it has the power of healing. I am truly touched by all of yours (and the sister’s) support these past few days.

Thank you very much !!! Love you all!

Natalie, 2016

Fertility Massage training is so much more than a massage course. It is a beautiful journey into the depths of what it is to be a woman, taught so gently and skilfully by Clare. The circle of women gathered together over the 4 days formed a magical container for the teachings to unfold within. I left feeling more deeply connected to myself, to my womb and to my work. It is truly an honour and a gift to offer this massage to the women I work with, supporting them in their own journeys of healing and discovery. Thank you Clare!

Sarah, 2016

“Clare is fabulous. Honestly, what an amazing woman. This “course” that she has created is unlike any massage course or treatment I have done before. It takes you on your own journey, helps you release and heal any emotional problems that may be buried deep down, all whilst feeling nurtured and supported by the rest of your group. Even though I had only just met all of the women on the course, Clare brought us close together in such a unique way, I opened up to everyone in ways I never have before, and we all formed a truly special bond. The massage itself is truly magical and wonderful and all things amazing. I love it! And I’m pretty sure that anyone willing to give it a go would also fall in love with it straight away. Following the four day course, I’ve had my first bleed in 6 months! Amazed. I am truly thankful for not only learning how to do this work with women, but also for having the chance to meet Clare, and all of my fellow ‘wombies’ from the course, and to keep each of them as friends. And just a few words about the woman herself! Clare is one of the most wonderful women you’ll ever meet. She’s hilarious, down to earth, supportive, inspiring, loving and beautiful inside and out – all rolled in to one! Delighted to have her as a mentor and friend.”

Tricia, 2016

“In early 2014 I was browsing through facebook as you do, when a post advertising a Fertility Massage Course held in The Golden Egg popped up.
I emailed for further information, and was informed that I needed to hold a qualification as a Massage Therapist in order to take the FM course. At this present time, I was in Catering, had been for yokes.
That September, I took a leap of faith, gave up my job and returned to College to undertake 2 years of Holistic Therapies.
Last November, 2015, I finally got to meet Clare and be instructed by this wise, humorous, lovable rogue, who has an amazing ability to bring you on this journey to learn techniques that really help you get to the root of things, nuturing and soothing as you go along.
This course was the best course I have ever done. It was the awaking of something tribal deep inside, my husband said I came back a changed woman for the better.
Thank you so very much Clare, and to my Wombies, love you xxx”

Sharon, 2016

“You think you will go on a course, pick up some new skills and techniques and learn more to help round up your practice.  You have no idea that the four days you spend with Clare will change how you view everything. The way she holds the space, and the amazing way she can look right into women and help them on their healing journey, and pass some of that ability onto you… there are just no words.
She is humble and kind and down to earth but she is completely amazing and watching her massage someone is an experience in itself and the course is just an out of this world life changing experience.”

Marta, 2016

“This experience has changed my life both professionally and personally. A big thank you to Clare for giving me the opportunity to learn FMT, for your heart, your amazing passion and for your knowledge.
It was a pleasure to meet someone like you!”

Sandrine, 2016

I highly recommend Clare’s course. It answered  my needs for the type of work required when working with abdomen and fertility. 

I was already qualified in abdomen massage when taking part but due to my high curiosity and thirst for learning I just felt why not???

Clare is a fantastic teacher and she brings to this work a shamanic dimension, making this treatment more than just a massage to fix or get something. I left the course feeling I got more than expected and I feel already tuned in to something bigger than just physical work.

Thank you Clare for sharing your knowledge so generously and making us feel part of a woman’s circle that keeps on growing.

Michelle, 2016

Learning the fertility massage therapy was an amazing few days deepening my practical massage skills and also deepening my knowledge of women and just how special and amazing we all are……I would highly recommend the course to anyone! Clare was a great facilitator/ trainer who was professional and highly knowledgeable.

Christine, 2016

Thank-you Clare – for your inspirational, honest and open sharing of your knowledge and skills. For me, the highlights of this course have been the professional manual, the practical skills shared by Clare, the detailed resources provided and the solid support system that helps encourage people to get stuck into and be inspired about doing this empowering work. It was a pleasure to meet and learn from someone so experienced and it is very helpful to have an ongoing support group, via a private social media avenue, that allows fellow practitioners to continue learning from each other.

Dawn, 2015

I found Clare Blake through my extensive research on fertility massage. I decided to take a leap of faith and travel all the way from the west coast of Canada to Ireland, taking time off from my busy practice, and leaving my 2 young daughters at home with my supportive husband, in order to take her course. And it paid off, big time! This was definitely the best course I have ever taken. The quality of the content was amazing and inspiring, and the way in which Clare organized and presented the course was excellent. Since returning home and adding the techniques that she taught me into my practice, I have a new perspective, and so much more confidence when treating my fertility patients. I can’t thank Clare enough for sharing all of her wisdom, and her passion for this work, with me, and the rest of the wonderful and diverse group of women who took the course that weekend in March.

Sue, 2015

This course didn’t feel like any of the previous post graduate course’s I have been on before.  It was a wonderful spiritual journey of healing, learning and fun.

The course content is exceptional, with information presented in many medium.  Clare has a natural talent for teaching and is so generous with her knowledge and experience.

I now feel excited and renewed at the prospect of using all I have learned from this amazing courses.

Thank you so much Clare.

Arty, 2015

Thank you for a life changing course and creating an encouraging environment to learn from you and the other students. Your enthusiasm and passion about this subject is contagious. You managed to keep the course professional and personal at the same time. Even before the course started you created a positive vibe about it and the course exceeded al expectations. Thank you very much.

Tarryn, 2014

I truly loved this course! Clare is warm, approachable, extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience which she freely shares to help enhance your experience of training and your own healing. The spiritual aspect of this course is what is missing from so many other courses and elevates this training above pretty much most other courses I’ve done in this area. Connecting with other powerful women was a privilege and a blessing. Everyone felt safe, relaxed and had fun. The techniques are intuitive and surprisingly easy to do (once you know how) and very very effective! Almost all training I’ve had tells you to stay away from the areas we worked on and its never felt right but with this course, I feel confident, calm and capable, making Fertility Massage not only easy to do but very enjoyable to receive too. I highly recommend this training for anyone wishing to connect to their own bodies, inner wisdom and wanting to be awesome massage therapists!

(Tarryn CG, Comp Therapist, Light worker and Master NLP)


Angela, 2014

This is the most amazing course that I have ever been on, life changing! This is the start of a new journey in my life to heal myself and hopefully help others to heal. Clare, thank you so much, you are amazing and I am so thankful for meeting you.

Sarah, 2014

I didn’t want the course to end. I felt such a powerful connection and bond to everyone on the course. Clare is an amazing teacher and facilitator of our own emotional and spiritual journeys. Thank you!

Mary, 2014

A fabulous practical course which gets to the heart of fertility. It helps you to connect to your own womb as well as your clients’ womb. A super emotional journey.

Thank You so much for the most inspiring and enjoyable course that I have ever done , It was so worth while waiting for! You are a great teacher!!

Paula, 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this course, I didn’t want the course to end! Clare is a truly a gifted teacher and very passionate about Fertility Massage.

I have studied other fertility related courses, so I thought I knew it already, but I have learnt so much more about being a woman, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am so glad I am now a “Wombie”!

Joanne, 2014

The course is so informative in a multi faceted way- practical, spiritual and theory. Loved it, loved it, Love you!

Janie, 2014

Absolutely loved the course. Learned loads, loved the practical, couldn’t praise it enough. I feel as if I have reclaimed my femininity.

Daphne, 2014

Brilliant course for all therapists interested in fertility work. So relaxing to give and receive and so powerful. Great massage also for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety or who needs time out. Clare is a wonderful teacher!

Katrina, 2014

Already trained in reproflexology I wanted to attend this courses to enhance my practice. As a mother of two, I didn’t attend for any personal fertility reasons.

I had some incredible experiences during the course relating to personal grief and maternal ancestry. What was uncovered during practicals and visualisations was incredible, and impossible to explain. As a result of the course and the energy shifts I personally experienced, I am in a better place emotionally and energetically. I have an auto immune disease and as a result of the course, I feel my health has benefited.

Rebecca, 2014

Thank you for sharing your passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for Fertility Massage. It’s definitely a unique course. I’ve already completed 2 other courses which specialise in fertility, but I learnt so much from yours. No just the massage itself but the nutrition and spiritual side of being a woman too. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Amanda, 2014

Clare is very knowledgeable about fertility and women’s health. She is encouraging and inspiring. I really have benefitted from doing this course and will definitely use it in my practice.

Leora, 2014

When Clare asked if I wanted to be a demonstration body for her first Fertility Massage training course, my heart gave a little skip!

Having trained with her previously, experienced her literally life changing treatments and seen the incredible work she is doing with fertility, I happily said yes.

This is a training course like no other. Clare’s passion for her work and the womb is so incredibly infectious. Seeing a fairly diverse group of women become so inspired and moved by the energy, depth and power of the fertility massage, and how Clare presents it, was a joy to be part of.

Clare’s teaching is full of warmth, humour and generosity, as she imparts the deep knowledge she has gained about fertility and women’s health.

The four day course had a wonderful balance of working with substantive theory, learning the massage techniques, and exploring the energetic work that enhances this particular treatment.

With the assurance for the students of on going support, this is a course brimming with depth, authenticity and passion.

Betty, 2014

I have been blessed to have met Clare and been her student. She’s such a warm and passionate soul with an infectious love for the womb. I was lucky to be the only one on most days of the training course I did, meaning that I also received a full massage from Clare and had time to work through my personal traumas. Through her teaching I have not only learnt new skills to add to my repertoire but I have also come out of it feeling myself again and ‘more woman’. Having recently gone through four recurrent miscarriages without knowing the cause, I was going through a very devastating time. I used various alternative therapies to recover physically and emotionally, but it’s only when I met Clare and received her love and touch that I came to see light again at the end of my long dark tunnel.

Although the focus is on womb and fertility, this is a massage not just for those who have fertility issues. It is also for anyone who is simply looking for relaxation, general body-mind wellbeing and spiritual peace. The spiritual side of it is what I found most powerful, I believe that having a technique and using it properly is good but when you combine it with clear intention, love and spiritual energy, then you are offering more than a massage, you are healing!

During the training Clare created a safe, creative and encouraging space where I was able to reconnect with my womb, to make contact with my spirit and become more conscious of my inner energy and abilities. I am now on a happy journey full of love and infinite possibilities and I can’t wait to help other wombs and souls on their journeys towards physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

I highly recommend this course and am happy to talk to anyone who is in doubt.

Catriona, 2014

This course is not just another “post graduate massage course” it will bring you very deeply into the spiritual and emotional aspects of working with both fertility clients and those with digestive ailments.

Clare encourages her “wombies” to develop their own style of working with the techniques she teaches which is a breath of fresh air! She is so passionate about her work and this shines through her teaching.

I would highly recommend this course to any therapist working not only with fertility clients, but all clients. This course is so much more than a fertility massage course.

We all hold so much emotion in our abdomen, these techniques are so effective for helping to release deep set emotions and in turn, improving our health and well-being,  both physically & emotionally. Thank you Clare!!

Rachel, 2014

I first met Clare at CAMexpo as she is very engaging and passionate about her course, I wanted to know more.  After going on a one day introduction (which I really enjoyed and would highly recommend), I enrolled on the Fertility Massage Therapy course and I cannot express adequately in words how much of a positive experience it has been for me.

Clare is very knowledgeable and clearly very experienced in this area and approached the course in a more holistic way to other bodywork training I have been on.  There was training on anatomy, pathologies of various conditions, nutrition, charting and a full manual explaining these things in detail as well as the technical training element.  I really enjoyed the fact that she gave us many tools to work with, not just in terms of massage but also other aspects such as guided visualisations that enable you to really help a client connect with their wombs.

This course did not only give me a new repertoire of techniques to use on my clients but also developed me and helped me to reconnect to my own womb after a difficult journey with my health.  Both giving and receiving the treatment is an absolute honour and it has such a profound effect, all my clients have loved it so far and it has helped me choose where to refocus my practice.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about fertility, the feminine and healing the body on so many levels.

Alison, 2014

I have recently spent an amazing 4 days with Clare Blake studying Fertility Massage and I can honestly say that I felt the course offered so much more than pure therapy techniques.  If you are interested in working in this area then do not miss out on this fabulous course – you won’t regret it.

Fidelma, 2014

This course was so much more than learning the physical, practical and spiritual techniques to aid and treat fertility and digestive conditions. It was a sacred space where each member healed, grew and evolved through their own journey and will continue to do so for some time!

The power of Clare Blake is indescribable as a healer and teacher. If I even have a small capability of what Clare can do, then I can only imagine what I can achieve with delivering future treatments!

Rakhee, 2014

My interest in Infertility lies with me having gone through it myself and then having successfully conceived my twins through IVF with ICSI back in 2008.  I became a complementary therapist in 2004 and the interest in working with fertility issues came about around 2011.  I met Clare last year when I was teaching a Fertility Reflexology course and found her warm and welcoming.  I have been working with fertility clients for the past two years but felt I needed something more to work with and came across Clare’s Fertility Massage course.

Wow is all I can say about Clare and the course.  It really is not like any normal ‘Holistic Massage Diploma’ course where you learn general massage techniques but takes you into a much deeper and energetic level.  However I was very surprised at how much of a relaxing massage it was.

I loved how Clare talked about the ‘wombies’ and her knowledge and passion for the work really showed through the training she gave.  There were many things I learnt being on the course and would definitely recommend any therapist to learn this.  I was very impressed on how this wasn’t just a techniques course and there was a lot of theory behind it too especially on the nutritional content as that is very important to know about when trying to conceive.  The learning tools that Clare has left me with are priceless and I cannot wait to utilise them in my work place and bring my level of work to being even more superior than it has been.


Lindsey, 2014

The womb blessing and visualisation underlines the power and spirituality of this work. Thank you for the kindness and nurturing of both yourself and group. The practical parts are more than I ever imagined, lovely to give and receive and well guided in such a fun, peaceful and informative way.

Marian, 2014

I have done a lot of courses over the last 10 years and this I found to be one of the best! Clare was so nice and kind to every person at the course, she was very understanding of where we were all coming from.

I have never seen such emotion at a course and that can only be a good thing because it proves how powerful this work is. This work is only for therapists that can do justice to Clare’s work – I hope that I can be as good as Clare!!

Denise, 2014

Clare’s passion for teaching this massage method comes out over the 2 weekends. Her empathy with her clients and students enables her to deliver the course material in such a way that we feel her passion and are able to take that away with us and use it in our own practice.

She is knowledgeable and has a knack for blending her knowledge with humour which put us all at ease.

The training exceeded any expectations I had as to what I would learn. It was not just teaching us, it was about enabling us to experience fully the subject and giving us the tools and confidence to bring this work into our own practices.

Catherine, 2014

I learned a lot more from the course than the “moves”! It was a great experience, with a great trainer and a great bunch of fellow therapists!

Keely, 2014

I would just like to say, how much I enjoyed this course, I was really excited about it before attending and it really did live up to my expectations and more ! Of course you made it extra special with your natural way of teaching, the course was very laid back and very spiritual which I loved and obviously is a must with this Therapy! Completely different from what I practice at the moment but such a rewarding beautiful treatment that was a Real Pleasure to Learn with you.
Thank you Clare xxxx

Leora, 2014

(after attending Abdominal-Sacral training)

My time spent with Clare has been both as a practitioner on her training course, and visiting her wonderful healing space in West Mersea for treatments to help with debilitating menstrual issues that had taken over half of every month.

I was very excited about learning the abdominal sacral massage and couldn’t have been happier with the four day course. In fact from day one of the training I was blown away by the intensity and effectiveness of working on this sacred part of our bodies. In partnership with Helen Rohlicek, I was thrilled to experience Helen’s passion for digestion and equally Clare’s enthusiasm, learning from the incredible healing that she performs when she teaches and works with the womb. As soon as I heard the womb being referred to as “her” I knew I was learning something truly inspiring.

From all the postgraduate training I’ve undertaken, this felt different. The teaching was so engaging and inclusive; being able to practice the massage on your teachers took the learning experience to another level.

It was the bringing together of the physical and emotional aspects of the abdominal sacral massage training was where I was most inspired.

This inspiration led me to having my own treatments with Clare. When, during the course, she demonstrated on me the emotional release; it had the desired effect! It was clear that I had some work to do with my own womb.

The sessions I had with Clare were without doubt the most healing treatments I have ever experienced. In addition to the massage she took me through some very moving and even playful visualisations. This allowed for peace to be made not only with a past womb trauma, but also with family who had passed and had left me in emotional pain. The most stunning shift has been in my cycle, which has shortened, PMS has hugely reduced, and last month I was virtually pain free. No more debilitating periods!

As I’ve said to you before Clare, thank you for your talent, your heart, your wisdom and support. And I wish you nothing but success as you embark on your own training courses and all the incredible work that you continue to do.