Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage Therapy™

Heal the Womb, Heal the Woman

Fertility Massage Therapy™ is a nourishing blend of modalities, that aims to bring harmony and balance to the Reproductive, Digestive & Sacral areas. On a much deeper and more important level, this unique therapy reawakens and reconnects women to their bodies, especially their womb. With each element nurtured, a fertility journey is nurtured and nourished.

With an aim to improve circulation on the Reproductive & Digestive systems, Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy is part of the FIRST truly Holistic Fertility Team combining Medical & Complementary wisdom at AlphaZita.

Dr. Elias Tsakos at EmbryoClinic in Greece has witnessed amazing benefits from including Fertility Massage as part of each clients IVF program.

Fertility Massage Therapy™ supports, nourishes and nurtures women through their fertility journey, offering one of the most important benefits; to relax and release tension and emotion trapped within.

Emotion – During your fertility journey, there are increased stress levels, invasive procedures, emotional turmoil and so many fears and worries; our bodies hold on to these stresses and emotions, usually in our abdomens. Many common phrases demonstrate how we link our emotions to our stomachs… Butterflies in my tummy, Sick to my stomach, Gut wrenching. Fertility Massage Therapy gently eases this tension, leaving you feeling freer in mind and body.

Relaxation – Fertility is at the forefront of your thoughts, you will no doubt receive the well intended suggestion of relax and you will get pregnant… easier said than done. Taking time out to be nurtured and learning how to perform the massage on yourself, will gently encourage relaxation.

Whatever your Fertility story, Fertility Massage can benefit you
Whether you have been trying to conceive for a while or are at the beginning of your journey
Already using natural medicine or going through IVF cycles
Planning on using an egg or sperm donor
Experienced previous miscarriages
Same Sex, Different Sex, Single Parent

Fertility Massage Therapy™  does not claim to cure or diagnose any medical conditions, nor does it replace any medical care that you are under. If you have any medical concerns, please consult with your Doctor or Health Care Professional.
Fertility Massage Therapy™ is a complimentary therapy that supports women during all stages of their reproductive life. There are no pregnancy guarantees from receiving Fertility Massage Therapy™.

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