UK Course Outline

Course Outline

This is the 5 day course outline for courses held in:

  • Mersea Island, Essex with Clare
  • Ireland with Sara Hamilton
  • QLD with Jacqui Ward
  • VIC with Carol Jones
  • WA with Edwina Taylor
  • South Africa with Bronwyn Lewis

The 4 day course, will include all of these elements + will be delivered during longer days:

  • The Netherlands with Janine de Wolf


Download the WFMT Course Prospectus 2023

From 2022, the course will be a 5 day course rather than 4 days. This is to allow space for the new developments of the course, and is in response to many previous students feedback.

Course Experience through the Archetypes

The 5 Archetypes play out through our cycle, life cycles and menstruality – the course weaves + flows through the archetypes, read here for an insight. READ HERE


Module 1


  • Welcome Circle + Cacao
  • Womb Blessing & Meditation
  • Inner Core Wounds
  • Embodied Dance
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Womb Massage Demonstration
  • Womb Massage Practical


Module 2

  • Sharing the energetic aspects to the Abdominal Massage including Birth Imprints
  • Introduction to Entangled Roots Therapy
  • Abdominal & Womb Massage Demonstration
  • Abdominal & Womb Massage Practical


Module 3

  • Revisit Womb + Abdominal Massage
  • Menstrual Seasons & Archetypes Discussion
  • Womb Medicine – explore the four archetypes with an embodied experience
  • Reflective Writing

Module 4

  • Discussion on Energetic approach to Lower Back + Coccyx, including Orgasms
  • Sacral Massage Demonstration
  • Sacral Massage Practical
  • Rebozo & Restoring the Soul Ceremony
  • Reflective Writing


Module 5


  • Complete Fertility Massage Practical
  • Practical Assessment
  • Reclaiming Spiral Ceremony along with Fire Release + Commitment
  • Close


Due to the course being an immersive and embodied, organic experience, Days may run slightly longer, additional elements may be included or in a slightly different order to flow with the nature of each individual blend of women present.


Online Components

Theory is covered as distance learning, using downloads, videos, 240pg Course Handbook and PowerPoints.


Course Certification

You can attend the course either for your interest or if you wish to receive Fertility Massage Certification, you will need to fill the following requirements:

Upon these being fulfilled within 12 months of completing your course, you will be issued with a Womb & Fertility Massage Certificate which is accredited/approved by Think Tree Hub, CThA, FHT, IICT and MMA.

Your certificate will be valid for 3 years form the date of your course. To ensure the standard of practice is kept to a high level, we invite all therapists to join us for a Refresher & Reassessment day prior to the expiration of their certificate. This will allow therapists to continue being listed on the website as a practitioner, be a member of the Facebook group and gain insurance.


* The theory exam is an open-book exam, made up of multiple choice or short answer which you complete at home.

**The practical exam is held on the final day, and I do not expect you to “know” the massage, however, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your movement, energy and skills in a relaxed environment.