About Clare

Clare Spink

Clare Spink is the creatrix and founder of Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy and Empowered Feminine Therapy  – both of which are unique treatments culminating over 17 years work in the natural health field, ignited by a deep passion for helping women heal and empower themselves.

Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy was derived from her extensive and international research and training which has enabled an understanding that many fertility problems are the result of physical or emotional trauma, including scar tissue, digestive complaints, stress and anxiety.

Clare developed a treatment that combines leading edge techniques, including womb massage, pulsing, rebozo and guided visualisations massage along with emotional healing to enhance successful conception and womb healing. Fertility Massage Therapy has currently been taught to over 500 therapists worldwide, who each share Clare’s passion and desire to help couples to conceive.

Empowered Feminine Therapy is a bespoke therapy created for each woman; blending a fusion of nurturing abdominal, womb & lower back massage with creative visualisations. Wisdom surrounding birth imprints, ancestral patterns, menstrual medicine and restoring your soul is shared, helping women to understand their own patterns and healing journey.

Empowered Feminine Therapy has been designed to unravel patterns, beliefs, and imprints, reveal visions and desires and help women work with our cycles.

Clare is driven to helping women to reconnect  and heal their womb. Believing that our wombs are our creative centre whereby all life & ideas are created,  Clare coined the phrase “Heal the Womb, Heal the Woman”

My Story

Clare qualified as a Reflexologist over 25 years ago, which ignited a passion for holistic therapies but she remained in the “financial safety” of the corporate world for awhile longer. Realising that the corporate world wasn’t her truth, Clare went travelling for 4 years through Africa, Australia and Asia; finally returning to the UK to follow her path, leaving behind the world of the Money Markets and masculine driven business for a more feminine and heart centred world.

Clare trained as a holistic massage therapist in 2001 and over the years has continued to train in numerous body work & healing styles before heading back to Australia in 2008 to study Naturopathy and Billings Ovulation Method, which provided her a deeper scientific understanding of women’s health. In 2006, Clare was the the first to be trained as an Abdominal Sacral Therapist, and shortly after became a tutor, discovering her passion for sharing the wisdom to others through teaching.

In 2010, Clare birthed her beautiful daughter, Xavana, who came into this world carrying immense soul & spiritual wisdom.  The transition of birthing her daughter, also opened a whole new level of wisdom and intuition which have been the foundation for the development of her therapies she now provides.

2013 saw the birth of the Womb & Fertility Massage Course, which to date has been shared with over 500 therapists worldwide; including UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and Asia.

In 2016 she fundraised to sponsor 5 women from Indonesia to join her on a course in Bali, since then these women have taken the therapy into their communities making a huge difference to women that would otherwise not have conceived or continued to be in menstrual and/or emotional pain. This inspired Clare to start to create a charity that would allow women worldwide, in financially deprived areas, to receive training.  One Womb ~ One World is in the process of being created to allow this dream to become a reality.

One to One sessions with Clare are experienced from a beautiful log cabin on Mersea Island, Essex.

Clare has been a speaker at numerous Fertility Telesummits, Fertility Show, CAM expo and numerous worldwide Telesummits. Recently, Clare has featured in The Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Gurgle, Bella and Spirit & Destiny Magazines.