Advanced Womb & Fertility Course

Advanced 2 Day Course for Womb & Fertility Massage

These additional techniques will complement your womb massage practice, by balancing & connecting the 3 Oceans of Blood and energy – Third Eye, the Heart & the Womb, while energetically connecting the third eye to the earth star and the womb to the soul star.

You will learn techniques to work on the back, discovering the yoni reflexes of the spine and opening the shoulders to loosen the emotional armouring behind the heart.

We will focus on the breasts and sternum, to open the heart chakra from the front, releasing tension, encouraging blood, lymph and energy to flow.

On the head, we focus on the front and back of the third eye with sphenoid bone and cranio-sacral releases, the jaw, which holds the emotional armouring of the yoni, and the ears, which relax the vagus nerve.

You will also receive a refresher of the womb massage.



2 Day Module Outline

Online Course

  • 3 Oceans,
  • 3 Stargates
  • 8 Extraordinary Vessels
  • 6 Yoni Spinal Reflexes

Day One

  • Welcome
  • Overview of the Oceans, Vessels and Reflexes
  • Demo of back, spinal reflexes, shoulder, head and neck massage
  • Practical massage swap 60-90 mins

Day Two

  • Demo of womb and breast massage
  • Practical massage ceremony 90-120 mins

Investment Fee UK

Course Fee:

£500– If booked and paid in full within 30 days of booking

£600 – 3 instalments of £200

Accommodation Fee: £80 for one night/£120 for two night including all meals

Investment Fee Australia

Course Fee:

$1,000 – If booked and paid in full within 30 days of booking

$1,200 – 3 instalments of $400


Securing your place on the course

  • Complete the booking form
  • Please email to confirm your booking form has been received.
  • Once your booking form has been received, you will be invoiced for either the full amount or your first instalment.

Please email or call your course provider if you have any questions prior to booking your place