Advanced Womb & Fertility Course

Advanced Weekend Course

Additional theory and techniques to complement your Womb Massage practice, by integrating all three Oceans of Blood – Brow, Heart and Womb.

Learn gentle breast massage for deep connection into the Heart Chakra to release emotion and soften defensive patterns.

Treat clients at Soul level by accessing the deep Primordial Vessels, and enhance their energetic flow from Brow Chakra to Earth Star and Womb Chakra to Soul Star.

Discover Ovary Power, Yoni Spinal Reflexes, and how to release emotional armouring of the Yoni with jaw and face massage and relax the Vagus nerve from the ears.

This weekend course is open to all fully qualified WFMT Practitioners

Advanced Manual Content
Chakras & Stargates
Vedic System
Primordial Vessels & Ming Men
Taoist System
Three Oceans
Three Vessels
Yoni Reflexes
Tuning Forks

Weekend Course Content
Welcome – Three Pearl meditation
Overview of Chakras, Vessels, Oceans and Reflexes
Demo of womb massage including breasts, face, neck, jaw, and primordial energetics
Practical back massage swap 90 mins each
Demo of back massage including shoulders, spinal reflexes, and primordial energetics
Practical full ceremony swap 120 mins each

Each practical swap is an opportunity to practice and demonstrate movement, energy, and skills.

If the required standard of massage is demonstrated, an Advanced Wombwork Certificate will be awarded, accredited by Think Tree Hub. There are no formal Case Studies, but it is strongly advised that at least four practice sessions are completed before charging.

Investment $990

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