Edwina Taylor

Edwina Taylor

Edwina Taylor provides a safe and nurturing environment for you to transform and become the woman you want to be. Working in women’s health since 2006, Edwina has helped thousands of women to be the best version of themself through healing their mindset and incorporating embodiment practises to integrate change in the nervous system.

With her extensive experience and qualifications in holistic counselling, women’s health, trauma therapy, natural fertility and IVF support, Edwina facilitates her own programs, therapy based retreats and workshops alongside teaching womb and fertility massage to practitioners. Edwina is currently undergoing a degree in Psychology to further expand her knowledge and skills within trauma therapy and incorporating psychotherapy practises into her teachings.

Edwina creates a space that enables women to open up and allow themselves to feel safe and supported while they connect back to their wombs and allow healing to take place. This environment is what she creates with teaching this course so you can heal and learn at the same time.

Alongside having her own clinic in Perth Western Australia, Edwina has travelled locally and internationally to support Clare with womb and fertility massage and is a mentor and trainer for practitioners who are based in Australia and Overseas.

As an associate instructor and mentor, her passion is to help more women thrive by connecting to their own womb and feeling confident to share this with their clients.

Edwina has been affiliated with a number of corporations and media outlets which you can view on her website.


 To learn more about Edwina visit www.edwinataylor.com.au