WHY Mersea Island?

With the first 7 years of teaching the womb & fertility massage courses being held in venues around the UK with large group sizes, I didn’t think twice about the fact that I was travelling all over, spending months in preparation and juggling being a single mum to my daughter.

AND THEN… the pandemic hit, I had to rethink how and where I taught. The best thing that came out of that period was realising the beauty & the power of teaching from my home on Mersea Island.

Each course is a maximum of 6 women, gifting an ideal opportunity for each therapist to get personalised guidance and for them to get to connect with me much deeper.

I often get asked if I will return to “larger course sizes” or if I will travel to teach in different venues, and the honest answer is, NO!

Hosting the course as a practitioner training fused with a retreat style has immense benefits and I won’t be returning to the “old ways” unless it’s a retreat venue and preferably a hot climate!

You can read more about WHY Mersea Island is the ideal UK space for holding this sacred feminine art.

Why Mersea Island for courses.

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