An Online Womb & Fertility Massage Course?

Why Womb & Fertility Massage is NOT offered as an Online Course

Numerous times, I am asked if I can teach the Womb & Fertility Massage course online,  never more so, than during the Covid-19 Lockdown time.

The reason we do not offer this, is because the 4 day course is NOT just a massage course learning massage techniques, it is an immersive experience. We believe that to be able to offer the Womb & Fertility Massage treatment to your clients, you must have explored your own womb healing and truly embodied the experience. This cannot possibly be taught over an online course. To discover more about the course experience click here

We have trained over 600 therapists worldwide and they would agree, teaching the course online would devalue this beautiful therapy and that it is the experience of the course that enables them to truly understand the depths of the work, and for many the course has been life changing.

We have created a wonderful reputation in the industry for having a good level of therapists, and this has been, not only because of the journey they experience on the course, but that their tutor will have ensured that they leave the course, having been assessed to ensure that the techniques are being delivered safely, correctly and with connection. Something, that is impossible to witness through an online experience.

We understand that currently, with trainings on hold due to Covid, it is frustrating, as you may wish to learn the therapy, however, we will be back to teaching very soon and we look forward to welcoming you to the course.






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