Reclaim Your Womb

Reclaim your Womb

 Clare_Facebook Speaker Banner smallerI am really excited to be taking part in the Sha Mama Rising Summit, hosted by Mire Molnar. Mire has gathered together a beautiful group of women who are at the forefront of bringing women into connection with the spiritual side of their motherhood journey.

This virtual conference is completely FREE and takes place from the 14th-20th February 2016.

Reserve your spot NOW and be ready to share in the spiritual wisdom.

Once you have listened to my talk, you’ll find these resources handy!


Reclaim Your Womb Resources


Fertility Massage

Practitioners can be found throughout UK and Ireland, Canada and Australia.


 The Power of the Menstrual Cycle

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer have created an online programme to give women a step by step guide to understanding the inner wisdom of the menstrual cycle.  Visit Here


Code Red by Lisa Lister

This book will hilariously take you through your cycle, in a way that you have never experienced. Lisa also provides you with a Cycle Repair Kit to help with charting and much more. EVERY woman needs this book and then leave it for your partner to read!  Visit Here

Yoni Steams

This link will give you an overview of yoni steams.

Packs can be purchased HERE


Anna Verwaal – From Womb to World

Visit her website to read more about the effects of our conception through to birth, and watch her Ted Talks too.  Truly fascinating information.

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