4 Women, Changing Lives

Sponsored Placement on Fertility Massage Course

**4 Places Available**

I am hosting this beautiful therapy in Bali and I am very aware that women in local communities and nearby countries may be interested in FundRaising Balilearning this therapy, however, the cost would be an obstacle for them.

I would like to raise money to enable 4 women from less-financially able countries to be able to attend.  The money raised would cover their transport, accommodation, food and course supplies.

**I will be waiving the course fees**

I am incredibly passionate about this, as I believe that together, we can make a huge difference to many communities who may not have the opportunity to experience help on their fertility journey. Fertility Massage doesn’t only assist women on a fertility journey, it is useful for all reproductive complaints and can ease discomfort that many women experience, enabling them to gain access to help that they may not normally have.

The women that are chosen to do this course would also have a life skill that offers them employment, and they can give back to their communities, bringing joy to hundreds of families.


If you would like to apply for a place, please complete the booking form, explaining why you feel that you could benefit, and how you could benefit your community.

Complete the Booking Form Here

Closing Date for Applicants: 31st My 2016


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If you feel that you could donate, however small an amount, I would be extremely grateful. Please do share this amongst your circles.



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