Create a Womb Room

Create a Womb Room

When you are pregnant, no doubt you will spend a lot of time creating their nursery, a perfect place for your babyred tent to spend their first years. One of my favourite guided visualisations with clients is to help them create a beautiful womb room, ready to welcome in their baby. In my own mind, the image shown is like the room that I personally created for welcoming my daughter when I was pregnant.

At the next Fertility Question Time on Thursday 19th June, I’ll be helping you to create a womb room, ready to welcome in your baby.

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“Your Womb & How to Create the Perfect Environment to Welcome Your Baby”

I’ll also be discussing some of the more physical aspects of your womb and how you can help to prepare her physically & emotionally.
I hope that you will be joining us next week and start creating a beautiful energy within your womb.

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