My Dearest Womb


Hello my friend, my dearest friend

It’s good to meet you here

You’ve been with for me for all these years

But I haven’t let you near



It’s good to know you’re with me now

And that we can connect

It’s been such a long time coming

To show you some respect


I know my mind protected us

And tried to keep us safe

But in the process cut you off

In darkness and disgrace


Please forgive me dearest womb

For causing so much pain

I was so young and so afraid

They’d hurt us once again


All those years I cut you off

It was the only way

That I could hide from the abuse

And keep those men at bay


I had to keep my promise

That I wouldn’t say a word

Or they would come and find us womb

My screams could not be heard


I realise now I’m all grown up

That I was not to blame

At six years old and so alone

I felt so full of shame


But now that fear has disappeared

I’ve worked through all my pain

My dearest womb I love you so

We will not be abused again


You helped me grow my children

You nurtured them and more

Please may I thank you dearest womb

For the sons I so adore


The pain has gone the sun now shines

And we can now be free

To dance, to sing, to have some fun

My dearest womb and me …….

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