Fertility Massage Through your Cycle

Fertility Massage Through your Cycle

Menstruation (Natural & Assisted)

During menstruation, you can still receive the massage, however, the womb area is avoided. The focusDSC_7561 will then be on the lumbar/sacral area, digestive, reflexology and head & neck. Rebozo massage is wonderful during this time; to help deeply relax and allow the natural flow of this phase to “let go”.

Energetically, menstruation is our Winter phase, when women want to hide away, be in their “cave”, have solitude and space! It is also the time that when we shed our blood, we are also shedding emotions and negativity that no longer serve us well.

Your massage will reflect & support this phase.

Pre-Ovulation & Ovulation (Natural & Assisted)

Once you have finished your bleed, your ovaries are working hard to produce mature follicles, in the lead up to ovulation.DSC_7462

Therefore your massage will incorporate all 3 areas; lower back, digestive and womb. With an increased circulation in your whole abdominal area, you are boosting the nutrients, oxygen and hormonal flow to your womb and ovaries.

All treatments will vary according to your unique situation.

Energetically, Pre-Ovulation is our Spring time whilst Ovulation is our Summer. These seasons are when we start to wake up and become alive within our bodies, the time when most women feel full of hope and energy.

Your massage will leave you feeling nurtured yet vibrant, and physically your circulation of fluids and energy is at it’s highest.

Post Ovulation (natural) or Post Implantation (Assisted)

Once you have ovulated or had embryo transfer, there is a chance that you may be pregnant, and your treatment will be altered to reflect this.DSC_7516

You can still receive the massage, however, like with menstruation, we avoid the womb area. Plenty of focus is placed on the lower back and upper abdomen to ensure as much circulation is being pumped to your womb. In the post ovulatory phase as progesterone rises, our digestive system slows down due to a slower peristaltic action. Therefore, digestive massage will be of benefit during this time.

Other techniques such as Reflexology, Pulsing and Rebozo may also be included depending on your individual case.

Energetically, Post Ovulation is our Autumn phase; the time of change and for awareness of what we need to clear from our lives. This is typically our PMS, when we become less tolerant of mundane matters and maybe a little quicker to fly off the handle. Pulsing is a beautifully gentle method of shifting these feelings from within and allowing them to surface and be rhythmically rocked and released out of your body.

This is also the “2 week wait” and can be emotionally draining for many women. Fertility Massage will help to alleviate stress, releasing positive and happy hormones, such as Oxytocin, which are more beneficial during this waiting period than feeling stressed.


You can receive Fertility Massage Therapy™ throughout your cycle, changing and flowing, as you do!


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