Womb Creations

 Womb Creations

Upon completion of their Fertility Massage Training, each student is asked to express their womb through creativity. For many this is a healing journey, one that may take a while to complete as they process and contemplate what they have discovered through the course.

I thank each and every woman for expressing their heartfelt emotions through their artwork and for giving me permission to share, so that others may realise the depth of this amazing therapy.

Creative Writing

My Dearest Womb

Hello my friend, my dearest friend

It’s good to meet you here

You’ve been with for me for all these years

But I haven’t let you near


It’s good to know you’re with me now

And that we can connect

It’s been such a long time coming

To show you some respect


I know my mind protected us

And tried to keep us safe

But in the process cut you off

In darkness and disgrace

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Ode to My Womb


I sing to you today

I feel your power

You’ve taught me the way

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Hello My Womb

Hello my womb

How are you?

Lost in translation

I forgot you were there

No longer needed

No longer wanted

Lost in translation

Your power long gone

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No words.

No tears.

No solace.

Just yearning.

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Expressive Art


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   Trish F 1 Trish 4

My womb Is loveable ,peaceable, joyfully, humble, beautiful.
My womb is light is life and is alive.  Thanks God for my womb.   (Nisse)