Approved Diploma

Accredited Diploma

NOW Open to Non Massage Therapists

If you are interested in attending the Womb & Fertility Massage Course, but do not have the pre-requisites of a previous bodywork qualification, we are delighted to offer a FULLY ACCREDITED Diploma Course.

To be fully insured and accredited as a Womb & Fertility Massage Therapist, you are required to have the following qualifications:


These additional modules have been created by Think Tree Hub, an international professional association who have created these NVQ Level 3 modules, which ensure that any woman who is called to learn the Womb & Fertility Massage can now attend and be fully accredited and insured.

The Modules are UK approved, however, as they are NVQ Level 3, they are recognised worldwide.

Think Tree are in association with Holistic Insurance Services, who will insure anyone who completes all 4 modules.

Once you complete the modules, you will also receive FREE Membership with Think Tree Hub.

Course Modules Fees

Think Tree Hub are offering a discount to students that train in Womb & Fertility Massage.

Core ModulesNon Member RRPWomb & Fertility Massage Fee
NVQ L3 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology£240£120
NVQ L3 Business & Management£144£79
NVQ L3 Health & Safety£144£79
ALL 3 MODULES Discounted Fee for package of 3£240

Application Process

  1. Complete the booking form here
  2. An invoice will be sent to you for the selected module(s)
  3. Upon receipt of non-refundable payment you will be sent the links and codes for the module(s)
  4. There is an 80% pass mark. Think Tree Hub will advise You and Womb & Fertility Massage of your result.


This course is a fully accredited course with Think Tree Hub International