Fundamentals of Massage – One Day Certificate

Fundamentals of Massage: A One Day Certificate

Course Overview & Syllabus

An introduction to the fundamentals of massage for women who wish to take the Womb & Fertility massage course without prior bodywork experience.


You will learn:

  • Correct body posture
  • Quality of touch and connection
  • Basic massage techniques and terminology
  • Towel management
  • How to set up the massage table
  • Creating boundaries in your massage practice


Course Overview

Upon completion of this day, you will have gained enough skills and confidence to apply to the Womb & Fertility Massage Course.

Correct Body Posture

Gaining an understanding of how to stand whilst massaging to ensure you have good body posture along with creating fluidity in your body as the giver.

Quality of Touch & Connection

This is an important part of being a massage therapist; knowing how to step into someone’s space, how to connect to their body through your first touch and the importance of grounding and connecting yourself first. Bringing breath work and slowing your treatment down to feel nurturing.

Massage Techniques Covered:

You will be taught the basic techniques that will be required for the Womb & Fertility Massage Course, including:


These movements are used to apply massage oil/balm over the body and are linking techniques that are applied using the softness of the entire palm of the hand, with an even pressure.

We will cover the direction and flow of these techniques to ensure that when applied to the abdomen, the direction of the digestive system is adhered too.

This technique is where you will also be taught to understand the quality of touch and connection.


These techniques are the application of pressure and easing areas of tension by lifting the tissue away from the underlying structures. Understanding the variation of pressure and different methods by which you can knead; i.e. flat hands, circular, fingers, thumbs, wringing and where each application may be more suitable.


Concentrated movements exerting controlled pressure on a small area of surface tissue,moving them over the underlying structured. The movements are applied in a circular manner with the palm,thumb pads or fingers. The movement completes several small circles over a limited area,placing a degree of stretch on the underlying structures.


Fine trembling movements performed on areas of tension by the fingers, thumb or elbow. The muscles of the forearm are continually contracted and relaxed to produce this fine trembling or vibration


A rocking technique, that flows through your body as a practitioner to allow the client to move fluidly. Known as the Tai Chi of massage, this technique relaxes the whole body, creating fluidity through all the fascia and can ease area of tension and create space.

Towel Management & How to set up a Massage Table

You will be guided how to place the towels on the bed prior to your client lying down. We will also cover how to place the towels over the client and how to turn a client over without exposing them. Guidance will be given on having confidence as you place towels for the Womb & Fertility Massage.

 Creating boundaries in your massage practice

A discussion will be had on how to set boundaries that suit you, including timekeeping, late cancellations and retaining client files.



This course is open to all women who wish to join the Womb & Fertility Massage course without any prior massage experience.

This one day course has been created to provide participants with the relevant skills and confidence before attending the Womb & Fertility Massage Course.

Our experience has taught us that women who have attended the 4 day course without any massage experience, would have benefited from attending a prior basic massage course.

You will be required to complete this one day course, along with the 3 additional online modules through Think Tree to gain the Approved Diploma. Click here for further information 

Certification Process

Students will be assessed on the day and again during the 4 day Womb & Fertility Massage course to ensure they have embedded the information.