Yoni Reclamation Therapy

Yoni Reclamation Therapy

Yoni “The Divine Feminine”

Sista, do you hear the voice in your head that says

“I deserve to be free”

“I deserve to feel pleasure” 

“I deserve to love, know & cherish my body”

This is YOUR time to experience Yoni Reclamation


What is Yoni Reclamation Therapy?

It’s a beautiful culmination of Neuro-Science meets Sacred.

Yoni Reclamation Therapy is a full-bodied somatic healing experience; integrating mind + body therapies to recalibrate the nervous system, re-wire the neural & limbic pathways of trauma and re-awaken our connection to Self, pleasure & vibrancy.

Each session will include:

  • Shadow work
  • Trauma-mapping
  • Womb & Breast Massage
  • Internal & External Yoni Massage

Opening each session with a Cacao ceremony and a guided meditation to connect us together setting the space and intention together for healing.

We spend approx 2-3 hours journeying through Shadow work using reflective writing to explore the shadows, combined with Trauma-Mapping, Family Constellations, Entangled Roots & Guided Visualisations.

You will then experience 3-4 hours of a deeply feminine, nurturing + sacred massage that connects to every unspoken space within a female body.

The massage is a conscious, consent-led and nurturing blend of a full body holistic massage, (external) womb, breast, sacrum, coccyx + inner thigh and internal & external yoni.

Every part of our body stores different trauma patterns, tensions and memories; our inner thighs, external yoni folds and internal vaginal walls are no exception. This is where we find some of our deepest shadow patterns stored in the tissues; which results in a holding of tension, a lack of safety, sense of mistrust and physical discomfort, desensitisation or numbness.

Combining internal & external mapping and palpation, we are body-led to the areas of tension, numbness or pain. Using Trigger points, reflexology, Myofascial release and breath work whilst communicating with our client to explore what is arising; the yoni is able to release the “tension/trauma/pain”, setting her free to reclaim her Yoni.

This is NOT a tantric or sexual massage

This is Sacred, Transformational, Conscious + Consent-Led

An initial session will last for 8-9 hours, with follow up sessions being 5-6 hours.

Pure, safe, devoted, nourishing, luxurious Goddess therapy sessions

Designed to honour YOU as a woman, to reignite your sensuality, your sexuality, your sense of safety…

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Am I the right therapist for you?

It’s important for me that when you attend your first session that you are leading with a sense of trust in me, ensuring that you know that I am a safe choice for your body and that I will hold space for you in a safe, nurturing and consensual way.

This is why I offer a FREE 30 minute clarity call so that together we can ensure this aligns for us both.

Does this resonate with you? Let’s Chat.


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This therapy is for you if:

  • You’ve ever been shamed or felt shame around your sexuality
  • You’ve lost your sensuality, sexuality, creativity or purpose
  • You’ve been abused, had non-consensual sex, had uncomfortable, drunken, disconnected or disassociated  sex
  • You want to reconnect, reclaim & reawaken your femininity, your power, yourself
  • You want to be set free from the self-limiting beliefs, the trauma patterns + the shadows lingering deep within.
  • You experience
    • menstrual pain or conditions
    • fertility issues, baby loss or termination
    • pelvic dysfunction
    • Sexual dysfunction; painful sex or problems with experiencing orgasms
    • Womb or Yoni disconnection, desensitised, numbness, pain or trauma (sexual, emotional or physical abuse)


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This work is accredited as a Level 3 Diploma and fully insured.


Cancellation Policy

  • Bookings for Mersea Clinic will require full payment at the time of booking to secure your appointment.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment will incur a 50% of the fee being charged.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will incur 100% of the fee being charged.