Self Care for Your Womb &  Menstrual Awareness

Watch this interview with Sarah Holland, from Fertile Mindset where I share WHY it is important during this time of “lockdown” to honour ourselves with some womb self care. As most people have more time on their hands, it’s an ideal time to delve deeper into understanding and embracing all 4 phases of the menstrual cycle. I share a little in this video…workshops and information will be ready soon for you to access.



Self Care Womb Massage

This short video will gently guide you through some simple techniques that you can implement into a daily routine to massage your abdomen.


Psoas Muscle

Here’s an interview I had with Sarah Holland, where I shared information on the importance of the Psoas Muscle.

Psoas – the muscle of fear, the first muscle to develop in utero and the muscle that mostly restricts us from moving forwards with ease!

The Importance of Psoas Muscle Release with Clare Spink

Today at the Focus on Fertility interview series I had the pleasure of speaking to Clare Spink again, this time about The Importance of Psoas Muscle Release.Some truly fascinating stories and insights here! Please do watch and also go to Clare's website at to find a library of supportive videos and meditations.Also remember to sign up for updates from Clare on the same page. You won't regret it, and Clare is a wonderful person to have on your fertility support team. <3If you haven't yet done so, please complete your free registration for the daily Focus on Fertility interview series. I have some amazing interviews lined up, and when you register it means I can keep in touch and make sure you don't miss them!Sign up here:

Posted by Sarah Holland, Fertile Mindset on Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Below is a short stretching video that you can try to gently release any tension felt in your Psoas. Whilst relaxing into each stretch, really feel into your body and ask yourself questions such as:

What stories am I holding?

How do I TRULY feel?

What’s stopping me moving forward?

Where do my fears come from?


Self-Hand Reflexology

In this short video with Think Tree Hub, I demonstrate how you can implement a simple hand massage routine to ease stress and anxiety, either for yourself or your family members.