Trauma Release Testimonials

Trauma Release Therapy Testimonials

Alanna, November 2022

Trauma “deep” Release course 

 A deep relaxing journey of letting go of the negativity and trauma in ones body & mind 

My personal journey on the last few days, has left me seeing clearly & positive on what is next.. 

My body and mind feels free to take me on the next paths of moving forward and offering this amazing escape of a treatment to my clients… 

My reply to my best friend who asked about the course, 

“I’m honoured to have been 1/4 Guinea pig to do the course & the 1st Trauma Release therapists to have qualified in this course in North East 

It’s wow wow wow next step to amazballs.

It’s all to do with movement, pulsing and breathing and dancing with the clients body (it’s the easiest way to describe it)”

Thank you for allowing me to be part of the weekend, I am eternally grateful, and of course you know I will be back when you birth the next one…. 

Sara, November 2022

I was lucky enough to sit in circle amongst some remarkable women for the first ever Trauma Release Therapy course.

This course was truly transformational for me and I found every element of it fascinating. The work itself took me deeper on my healing journey than I have experienced before, but I have walked away a different person, and for that I am so thankful.

I can’t thank Clare enough for sharing this wisdom with me – the in person training and accompanying modules are so in depth and filled with so much knowledge that I believe would add another layer of healing to any therapists practice. I am so excited to fully embody this work in my own practice and share this wisdom with others. 

Patricia, November 2022

“I absolutely loved this course.  In two days I learned so much, not only from Clare’s extensive knowledge but having experienced this fabulous treatment first hand. Diving deep the  release I experienced was incredible and I am so looking forward to delivering this to my clients.
Clare’s teaching is delivered with passion, authenticity and compassion.”