Referred to as ‘the Tai Chi of Massage’, Pulsing is a rhythmical and exceptionally fluid form of bodywork that uses a variety of simple, flowing & rocking techniques, that could be considered unusual for traditional massage.



Combining Pulsing into a Fertility Massage session benefits and supports the body-mind system in releasing deep rooted physical and emotional tensions and imbalances, and creating the space for blocked creativity to flow; leaving you feeling looser, lighter, freer, more in your body and generally more at peace.


As Pulsing works within an almost continuous flow of movement, this form of bodywork is often exceptionally relaxing, sometime to the point of being like a deep meditation for both receiver and giver! At other times this work can become more vigorous, re-energizing and revitalizing for the receiver. I will listen to your body’s rhythm, and connect with the natural rhythm that you are flowing at, rocking you in time to that beat…

 woman leaping in air

Pulsing massage is a way of truly letting go and of finding an enhanced inner spaciousness inside as a result; a truly releasing and honoring form of Holistic bodywork and an ideal complement to Fertility Massage.