Poland 2022

Poland, 2022

3-6th November 2022 – Warsaw

10-13th November 2022 – Krakow

21-24th November 2022 – Warsaw

Hosted by Aia June

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Course Fee:  3285 pln


Course Fee Inclusions

  • 4 Day Intensive Course
  • Practitioner DVD
  • Practitioner Listing on website
  • Access to Private Facebook Forum for invaluable ongoing support
  • Certification & Exam Process
  • Comprehensive Course E-Book, Theory Handouts and Videos
  • Resources Page with visualisations, self help programme, e-books, articles and more
  • Email/Telephone contact with your tutor


Female only Course

This course includes sitting in a circle of sisters; allowing for women to share, be heard and be nurtured on their own journey. Also, due to the nature of the work, the areas of the body that are massaged and previous experience of teaching this course to male practitioners;  for all of these reasons, we do not offer this course to male practitioners.

I invite you to watch this short video, giving you a glimpse into the Womb + Fertility Massage course…