Janine De Wolf

Janine de Wolf

Janine de Wolf

Janine has been a certified Massage and Naturopathic Therapist for many years, originally starting with an all-round practise and becoming a specialist into women’s health over the years. Janine now fully focuses on supporting and nourishing women internationally.

Several years ago she deepened her skills with Fertility Massage Therapy and went on to assist Clare Spink with the trainings in the UK, The Netherlands and Belgium. Before becoming one of Clare’s Associate Instructors, Janine has been supporting the Fertility Massage Therapists in both Belgium and The Netherlands in her role as a Womb Mentor.

More recently, Janine developed her women’s health skills by becoming one of the first to be highly trained in Breast Tissue Therapist and treats women with this therapy not only in her own country The Netherlands, but also in the UK. Janine has had wonderful successes with women discovering the beauty of receiving both womb and breast therapy, unlocking the heart and womb connection. Janine is excited to bring this wisdom to the Womb & Fertility Massage courses that she will teach.

Her own challenging health and fertility journey gives her huge empathy and compassion for the pain and grief that others experience and has naturally found a particular interest in helping women with their own fertility and reproductive health issues, as well as embracing menopause, releasing abuse and trauma and embodying the soul.

From her own near death experience during a breast reduction operation when she was 17 years old, Janine knows there’s more then only the physical body. Janine loves guiding women in their proces of becoming conscious about their own body, energy and reclaiming their power. She’s highly sensitive and uses her energetic and Shamanic healing during her treatments.