Guided Visualisations

Guided Visualisations

“When the body is massaged, emotional stress can be released”

Wilhelm Reich was a major contributor to the body-mind science in the early 20th century[1]. Quite simply explained as the body holding tension where emotional stress or trauma has occurred. He believed that by massaging the body to release the tension, the emotional stress was also released, allowing the life force to flow freely.

Using a combination of massage, guided visualisation and intuition; my aim is to help clear emotional blockages and help women to prepare to welcome their baby into their womb and life.

You do not need to experience massage at the same time as the visualisation for it to be powerful, why not try for yourself with the guided visualisation below?

What is a Guided Visualisation?

Whilst I am massaging your body, I’ve totally connected and tuned into you.  I am guided by images; like a mini DVD in my mind which I will share with you as a guided or creative visualisation. Each visualisation will be different, as every clients needs will differ.

Imagine being taken on a journey in your mind, where anything is possible…

Experience and feel your body as it journeys through conception, pregnancy, birth and the baby years…happy family

Connect to your womb and Mother Earth, Sun or Moon; cleansing and healing your womb

Create a “Womb Room”; a sacred space that awaits your baby..

Catch a glimpse of your future family, happily playing in the woods…

Free Gift

To experience a short guided visualisation to help you connect to your womb, I share this gift with you.


Listen here:


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Many clients comment that it feels like I am in their head, knowing exactly what they need; a gift I have been blessed with and is what I believe creates the uniqueness of my treatments.

[1] Wilhelm Reich : The Evolution of his Work, Boadella David, 1973, Vision Press, Chicago