Empowered Feminine Testimonials

Empowered Feminine Course Testimonials


Tania, April 2022

“As soon as Clare announced that she was putting out a new course, I instinctively wanted to sign up. It is Clare’s gentle, nurturing presence that creates such a safe space to open up to difficult truths and new insights and experiences. I moved from being stuck to feeling truly empowered. A coming home to myself. Within less than a week the transformational shifts that I had experienced during the course began to ripple out. A family member contacted me after we had not spoken for nearly 5 months due to a breakdown in communication. The whole experience was a healing and life-affirming experience. I have found my purpose, thank you, Clare.”

Caitlin, April 2022

“I feel… *different*. For the first time ever I have real, fierce love for myself, in a way I just didn’t feel was possible for me. Previously even if good experiences had given me a sense of wellbeing and self-acceptance, it was still only a gloss over the deep kernel of self loathing and mistrust, and therefore only temporary. Soon enough I’d fall back down the hole again and realise I was still the same. This is different. It really feels like something has gone from inside me. The very real sense of carrying darkness and evil inside me that I could never explain to anyone… I keep checking for it as it’s usually the most familiar part of me, but I think it’s really gone. I will never forget it, and I will honour the change it has allowed.

I also have much less of a hard time willingly going to see my Mum, and having a little chat and cuddling her and telling her I love her. I used to be able to go through the motions but never for more than a few minutes before struggling to hold back tears or just wanting to run. Now I *want* to see her. I need her to feel that I love her and forgive her. I didn’t know if I would ever get there and thought she might very well die before I could. This is HUGE. 

I’d tried to do Inner Child work before but it felt like she was so angry with me that nothing would ever come. I didn’t have a clue how to get her to trust me or come back to me and make me whole again. I really thought I’d lost that part of me forever and was going to go through my entire life as a shadow, like my Mum. But I faced little Caitlin and said how sorry I was and she let me embrace her and dance with her and welcome her back. For the first time ever, if my body hurts, I don’t think “Oh for fucks sake what’s the problem now”. I got a random cramp this morning and my automatic reaction was to put my hand there, with love, and give myself compassion and ask what I needed. That was my *instinct*. Not just something I learned I should do. I was instantly there for myself with real nurturing and I was genuinely shocked by that!

I’m so grateful that I have sisters all over the world, and for your kindness and your guidance and your love.”