Embodied Dance

Embodied Dance

What is Embodiment?

The art of coming out of our hectic mind space and journeying down into our body, to tune in and feel every aspect of our divine selves – our spiritual, physical, mental + emotional layers.

Slowing down, focusing on breathing to bring our external awareness inwards, to feel every subtle sensation.

To be Embodied is to truly feel our FULL spectrum of delicious selves.

Embodied Dance

When we have an awareness of what it is to be embodied, we can tune into that as we flow through dancing. Allowing your body to take the lead and flow in ways that makes your body feel AMAZING not choreographed.

“Dance like no one is watching”

Exactly that!! Close your eyes, feel the rhythm flowing through you, feel where the rhythm or breath gets stuck, how do you need to move to enable the freedom, expansion and fluidity to flow…

Choosing different tempos and music to create altered states of feelings…do you want to feel sensual and create a sense of self love? Or move to the beat of drums and tribal music, grounding, shaking, earthing you to cleanse and clear some stored trauma patterns or stuck energy… or perhaps something vibrant and fun to awaken and energise you, helping to bring clarity and focus for the day ahead or shift some stress from the day.

Why Dance?

Within Indigenous cultures, when women had a disease or emotional troubles, she would head to the Wise Woman of the village, who would respond “But my darling, when was the last time you danced”

Our Shakti energy resides coiled up in our pelvic bowls, like a sleeping snake waiting to be woken gently, so she may rise up through all of your energy centres, connecting and reawakening your vibrancy within.

Shakti is life, death, rebirth, destruction, and creation.

Shakti energy is the divine feminine force fluidly weaving through the cosmos and all aspects of our reality.

So when our Shakti energy is “dormant”, our life force is too – hence why the wise indigenous women would tell you to dance!

I encourage Dance through massage, whether it’s at a faster pace or slow rhythmic circles of the hips, it allows energy to flow and never stays stagnant within you….it feels more nourishing and flowing to receive and it stops you getting lower back aches!

There are numerous health benefits to dance, similarly to exercise.  This we know,  so rather than our hips being guided by just physical science, let them be guided by a desire to create freedom, vibrancy, fulfilment and radiance from within to awaken your Shakti energy!