Meet Dela

Dela Putri from Bogor, Indonesia

DelaI’d love to introduce Dela, who was the woman who originally inspired me to look into sponsoring women from Indonesia to be able to do my training.

It’s an honour to share the brief interview that I had with Dela…

What does it means to you Dela, to be able to do this course?

I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease SLE / Lupus last year, so this opportunity is like my other chance to improve my skill in which it will be hard for me to have like daily job 8-5 with my condition. So its really meaningful for me to be able to do this course and improving myself and my skill for the better me.


How can this course change your life or those around you?

How this course will change my life and those around me, sure…I don’t know how…but one thing I have to be sure that I will try my best to implement what I have learn for those who need and want it.


Dela, do you think this course will help bring employment to you?

I really hope it will, I may introduce what I have learned at this course for my family and friend first. Hope I also be given the information on the business side from you.

Thank you to Dela for sharing this with me.


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