An Interview with the Divine “Code Red” Goddess aka Lisa Lister!

Lisa Lister for blogThanks so much for joining me for this interview Lisa, can you give my readers a brief insight into WHO you are?

I’m Lisa Lister, menstrual mistress, creatrix of the SHE Flow protocol – yoga, sacred movement + ancient feminine practices made relevant for modern day women – and author of the brand new book, Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Monthly Superpowers + Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period.

What is Code Red?

Code Red is a call to action. A rallying cry to any woman who has ever found her menstrual cycle annoying, painful, shameful or an inconvenience.

Most women are experiencing a complete disconnect from the cyclic experience, and this is causing us to hate, cut, add to and mutilate our body as we endlessly strive for an advertiser’s idea of so-called ‘perfection’. We are ignoring our deepest needs and desires as women because we no longer trust that we know ourselves better than anyone else.

Coe Red for blogCode Red is my invitation to you to explore, navigate and love your lady landscape. It’s a book, it’s a self-enquiry practice, it’s a ‘zine, and most importantly, it’s your new BFF. An opportunity to re-connect with your true nature as a woman, to use your menstrual cycle as an ever-unfolding map to crack your lady code, and create a bloody amazing life. What is your experience of your cycle?

Ten years ago I HATED my cycle. In fact, ten years ago, I hated everything about my life. I binge ate, my work was all consuming, I was in a relationship that was going nowhere, and my periods were heavy, all consuming and hurt like a motherlover, sex was painful and orgasms were non-existent.

After three years of misdiagnosis, I was told I had endometriosis and that it was so severe, I’d have to have my womb removed. This diagnosis and my fire-y anger at the idea of having to have my womb ‘whipped out’ – was totally how the doctor described it – took me on a ten-year exploration of my lady landscape.

Ten years on, it’s been quite the adventure. Some of which I share in the book Code Red, some of which I share in Explore Your Lady Landscape which has now become the signature programme of the SHE Flow protocol. I now live my life totally in sync with my cycle – business, relationships, sex life, health, money, creativity – are all in complete alignment with my lady rhythms and the good news? I still have my womb, despite the doctor’s best efforts to take it out.

Most of my readers are on a fertility journey, what will they be able to take away from reading your book?

Right now, we have an epidemic of ‘down there’ pain and dis-ease – PMT, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, fibroids – overwhelm, stress, anxiety and fertility issues are at an all-time high and because so many of us have managed our bleed with synthetic hormones we’ve denied ourselves the experience of living fully in our female power. This book will allow women who are on a fertility journey to re-connect with their innate feminine wisdom – their SHE Power – to nurture and nourish themselves as women by unlocking their super powers in each phase of their cycle and it will provide them with techniques and insight on how to show their lady parts big love in preparation for a soul to come hang out in their healthy and fertile womb.

Why is knowing about our menstrual cycle so important?

The menstrual cycle is an ancient 4-part lady code that once cracked, will give you amazing insight into who you are as a woman, all of which unfolds with each and every cycle. You’ll realise that you’re NOT consistent and guess what? That’s a good thing. You’ll be able to access your SHE powers in each phase and you’ll see that if you work with your menstrual cycle and not against it, it no longer becomes something to dread and curse each month, it becomes an incredibly potent learning experience about the awesomeness that is you, and my big heart wish for Code Red is that it becomes your call to power. Your incredible, badass SHE Power.

When and where can we buy your book?To find out more about Code Red and the SHE Flow protocol, head over to Code Red is out April 13th and available in both paperback and kindle e-book from +

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