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Rebozo Massage

What is a Rebozo Massage? Blissful, Nurturing, Releasing, Fun, Relaxing, Connecting, Nourishing, Shimmying, Restoring, Flowing, Grounding, Opening… These are a selection of the words that have been used by my clients and students to describe the Rebozo techniques that I use. What exactly is Rebozo & where does it come from? The Rebozo is a traditional shawl woven […]

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Create a Womb Room

Create a Womb Room When you are pregnant, no doubt you will spend a lot of time creating their nursery, a perfect place for your baby to spend their first years. One of my favourite guided visualisations with clients is to help them create a beautiful womb room, ready to welcome in their baby. In my own […]

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My Dearest Womb

MY DEAREST WOMB Hello my friend, my dearest friend It’s good to meet you here You’ve been with for me for all these years But I haven’t let you near     It’s good to know you’re with me now And that we can connect It’s been such a long time coming To show you […]

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Testimonials It’s always wonderful for me to receive heartfelt testimonials from clients and students. I share them here with you for to read and enjoy.   Client Testimonials   Student Testimonials

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Fertility Focus Telesummit 2014 Welcome to your upgrade gifts from Fertility Massage, I hope that you have enjoyed this year’s telesummit, gaining lots of useful information and advice to assist you on your fertility journey. Guided Visualisations “Love your Womb”

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