Fertility Fest

For anyone on a Fertility Journey, Fertility Fest is a fantastic new and innovative event being held in Birmingham and London. A whole new experience, unlike the Fertility Show, this event will have more of an artistic flair mixed with medicine.

Read more about the Fertility Fest here

I am honoured to have been asked to offer the gift of “Womb Wrapping” with some of my “Wombies” at both the London and Birmingham events.

Here’s a little insight into Womb wrapping…

DSC_7548The Womb Therapists will be offering Womb Wrapping, an experience that will bring you fully into yourself, allowing for you to feel nurtured, safe and held. You will be wrapped ceremonially around the head, shoulders, womb and feet, leaving you in a cocoon of love and peace. You will be left for a period of time to be still, listen to your body and feel the slowness ride over you. As your therapists gently unwrap you, they allow you to emerge from this cocoon as a butterfly would, feeling free and renewed.

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