Q&A for CAM Expo

Q&A with Clare Blake, Workshop Host at CAM Expo

“Seeing clients and students grow, heal, and gain clarity is such a powerful and honouring experience” – Clare Blake, founder of Fertility Massage Therapy & Training, talks about why she loves her work (and camexpo) in this exclusive Q&A.

Clare Blake N.D. has over 15 years of experience in natural health and bodywork.  Her fertility massage course is accredited by the FHT and approved by the CThA.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your career?

The biggest influence on my career has been every single student that I have had the pleasure of sharing my work with. They all have taught me so much about the importance of this women’s work, and have driven me forward to continue creating and evolving this therapy.

What do you love most about your work?

I love to witness women reconnecting to themselves; their bodies and their wisdom. Seeing clients and students grow, heal and gain clarity is such a powerful and honouring experience and I feel truly blessed that this is my work.

What’s the single biggest challenge in your work?

The biggest challenge is expressing the power of Fertility Massage Therapy.  Many see the word “fertility” and don’t think it applies to them if they are not trying for a baby.  Fertility Massage isn’t just about making babies; a fertile womb is a healthy, creative and expressed womb.  In order to be fertile our reproductive, digestive and emotional states all need to be healed, therefore to heal the womb, is to heal the woman.

What’s one emerging trend or research that anyone working in your field should know?

The art of using Rebozo techniques in bodywork.  Rebozo is a shawl traditionally used in pregnancy, labour and postpartum.  However, simple techniques that rock, shimmy, wrap and nurture can create a lasting and powerful effect on all massage clients, male and female.

What are your top three tips for someone just starting out as a massage therapist?

My top three tips are:

1. Dance with your clients. Never stay stagnant in your body when massaging and allow the rhythm of your clients needs to direct the massage, and use your body so that you have longevity.

2. Train in several modalities of massage to create your own blend of massage, and find what styles suit you and your personality, so that you can deliver the best therapy sessions.

3. Don’t talk during a session. To massage intuitively, you need that silence so that you can go within yourself. And your clients will gain more benefits from that silence, allowing themselves to drop into their inner space and discover what arises.

In addition to your workshop, why would you recommend practitioners/therapists visit camexpo?

camexpo is a great opportunity to gather ideas and discover new therapies and products.  You will meet amazing people and you never know what opportunities will arise from being there.  I love camexpo – the atmosphere is wonderful and you are immersed in a place with many like-minded people.

Clare Blake’s Taster Workshop sessions: ‘Fertility – Massage Therapy’ take place at 11:55am on Saturday 26 September in Workshop Zone 3, and 10:30am on Sunday 27 September in Workshop Zone 5.

To book an entry ticket, please visit www.camexpo.co.uk/register-to-visit-camexpo-2015.  Use priority code CMXP580 to register for £7.50 before 25 September. Entry to the Nutrition Theatre, Keynote Theatre, Demo Theatre and Business Clinic, is included with all tickets (space permitting).

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