Andrea has been working in the field of women’s health & fertility for the last 10 years but has been a practitioner for over 20.

Her work is informed by her own personal journey of disempowerment, and emotional & sexual trauma. “My soul purpose is both my own inner journey, but also to support & empower other women. So many of us have experienced life as “less than & not good enough”. Gradually we are rewriting our cellular memories and shared, collective experience. This is an incredibly blessed time for many as we work through the layers that have kept us disconnected from our bodies and ourselves.”

Andrea is a natural intuitive healer; trained in energy work which forms the basis for all her work. She is a trained aromatherapist, bodyworker, crystal healer, reproductive reflexologist, womb yoga practitioner, holistic pelvic care provider and womb/fertility massage practitioner. “I trained with Clare on her very first Fertility Massage training in 2013 ~ and I felt that finally I had come home ~ the massage felt so natural as if I’d done this work for lifetimes”.

She has a clinic is Leicester, Midlands and regularly hosts “Pop-Up” Holistic Pelvic Care clinics around the country. She has taught complementary therapy in Further Education and ran many workshops and trainings over the years, as well as acting as a teaching assistant for womb/fertility massage training alongside Clare. Latterly she has trained in Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) and sees this move towards nature/natural cycles as core to how her work will unfold in the future.

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