Warm your Womb

Keeping your Womb Warm

Does your lower abdomen feel cool to touch?

It is something that I see all the time in my clinic; cold lower abdomens, which indicates that the reproductive organs are not receiving adequate circulation, nutrients and oxygen. Cold wombs are not ideal for fertility. So what can we do to warm our wombs?

Top Tips for a Warmer Womb

Self Help Fertility Massage

Increase circulation to your womb with self help massage, encouraging the blood & lymph flow. Practice this following massage every night for 2 weeks to notice an improvement.
Start warming the abdomen by massaging in large circles, following a clockwise direction round the whole abdomen.

Then perform small circular motion between hip bone to hip bone, close to the pubic bone to truly warm your womb*.

For a more detailed self help massage, please visit here

*see contraindications

Breathe Deeply

Take a moment to think about your breathing. Are you shallow breathing (just into your chest) or does your whole abdomen rise and fall? Does your breathing feel restricted when you try to breathe fully?

Practice breathing into your lower abdomen for at least 5 minutes every day, encouraging fresh oxygen throughout the whole abdomen, including your womb.

Restricted breathing will indicate a tight diaphragm, which in turn restricts the blood flow through the aorta down into your womb.

Castor Oil Packs

These can be used alongside your self help massage, or as a stand alone treatment. They encourage elimination, circulation and breaking down scar tissue. Read more here

Wear a Hippsy Hippsy Synergy

What is a Hippsy you may ask? It is an item of clothing worn around the lower abdomen to keep the kidneys, waist and womb warm.

What are the benefits for Fertility?

In Chinese Medicine, Kidney energy is important for fertility. Known as the ‘Minister of Health’ it has a vital role in vitality, well-being and energy which are the foundations for fertility. Cold kidneys can be the result of burning the candle at both ends and fast paced lifestyles.

So wear a Hippsy to keep your Kidneys warm, plus remember to keep your feet warm too as the kidney energy starts there!

As I mentioned earlier, a warmer womb is fertility friendly particularly after ovulation, and is a wonderful garment to wear once you are pregnant too.

If you experience period pains, a Hippsy feels great to wear during your menses as it’s like a continual hug for your womb!

I never go out without wearing mine. Believe me, once you start wearing one, you’ll become addicted!!

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