The Rebozo is a traditional shawl woven and used by Mexican women. Traditional Mexican midwives use the Rebozo to do the manteada, a rocking massage technique.

The Rebozo massage is very relaxing, it balances and relaxes the pelvis, lower back, womb and ligaments; allowing more room for the womb to settle into her rightful place.

How is a Rebozo used?

I trained to use the Rebozo for many different purposes when I was a Doula (a birth companion).

I’ve used the Rebozo to help a labouring mumma move through contractions, play “tug of love” to help bring the placenta out or to ease the pressure off her back in the latter months of pregnancy and during labour.

I’ve eased tired midwives backs whilst they await the arrival of a baby and performed a “closing” ceremony for women needing restoring and centering of their energy.

There are so many wonderful uses of the Rebozo, I use it as an extension of my arms, and all who receive the treatment, marvel at how amazing it feels.

Rebozo for Fertility

I bring the many uses of Rebozo into a Fertility Massage;  to gently stretch and rock the head and neck; allowing for a deeper consciousness to be reached, to wrap warmly around the womb centre; to bring energy and focus into her or to shimmy and free the womb.


Cultural Appropriation

We use Rebozo cloths as part of the massage, a tradition I learnt from 2 Mexican midwives in 2006 when I was a Doula (unfortunately I do not remember their names).

We purchase the cloths from Mexico, honouring the lineage from where they came and the women that create them.

There is a lot of discussion around cultural appropriation now, I invite you to read this article, so that you can be assured we honour the learnings and traditions.