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Self Help Online Programme


Welcome to the programme, this section gives an overview of the abdominal organs and their placement  on the body. This section will enable you to complete a self palpation and temperature awareness, which can be used to assess your changes.

Warm the Abdomen

Breath work is important for increasing oxygen and circulation to the lower abdomen, and for many they shallow breath. The first part of this chapter focuses on easy breathing techniques to ensure abdominal breathing is occurring.

The latter part of this chapter is to encourage clients to become comfortable  massaging their own abdomens and to ensure they are massaging in a clockwise direction to follow the natural path of their digestive tract. This simple technique will encourage circulation in the whole abdomen.

Welcome to the womb

This chapter focuses on your womb massage; encouraging freedom of movement by increasing circulation, breaking down tension and adhesions. This massage will enhance your connection to your womb, as you feel her tenderness or ease of movement beneath your finger tips.

Free the Diaphragm

As many in today’s society shallow breath and feel tension as a tightness in the chest; this chapter focuses on stretching the diaphragm and helping the chest to open.

Digestive Release

This chapter focuses on the Large & Small intestines, massaging these areas to improve elimination, break down hardened faeces and increase circulation.


We store many emotional traumas within our abdomen, in particular the midline from the xyphoid process to navel, and around the navel. Using this simple technique to ease these emotions and massage areas that are holding tension.

Sacral Freedom

A selection of stretches and self massaging techniques to open up the whole spine, release tension the buttocks and break down scar tissue around the sacrum.

Bonus Chapters

Heal The Womb

Everyone has the ability to heal and feel energy. This gentle and easy to follow meditation will guide women to connect their mind, heart and womb centres.


This chapter guides you through your menstrual cycle and which elements of the massage are appropriate at which stage.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a traditional poultice used for drawing out toxins, breaking down scar tissue and increasing circulation. This section will describe how to use, when to use and why it is encouraged as part of your self help programme.

Self Help Fertility Massage Programme

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