Leora Leboff

Leora Leboff

Leora offers support to women on their journey throughout womanhood.

Her dearest wish, to see women embrace self-awareness, self-kindness, embodiment and empowerment, is the passionate drive behind Leora’s work.

Practicing in the field of complementary therapy for over two decades, she has stream lined the therapies she offers. Abdominal and Fertility Massage, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, EFT/Tapping and Aromatherapy provide support to women ready to navigate the shifts and changes in their lives.

As co-founder of Woman Kind, she facilitates workshops, retreats and online programmes for women to explore their cyclical nature and seek empowerment.

Having experienced the life changing power of womb work personally, Leora went on to assist Clare Blake with Fertility Massage Therapy training. And now, as an Associate Tutor, she also teaches practitioners who choose to learn and immerse themselves in this transformative and powerful therapy. As a Womb Mentor, she treasures supporting students and therapists as they take their practice out into the world.


For more information see auramama.co.uk