Fundamentals of Massage Workshop

Fundamentals of Massage

Approved 1 day Workshop

Course Overview & Syllabus

An introduction to the fundamentals of massage for women who wish to take the Womb & Fertility massage course without prior bodywork experience.


You will learn:

  • Correct body posture
  • Quality of touch and connection
  • Basic massage techniques and terminology
  • Towel management
  • How to set up the massage table
  • Creating boundaries in your massage practice
  • Preparation of Therapist, Client &Treatment Room
  • Consultation Forms, Contraindications, Legal & GDPR

Course Overview

Upon completion of this day, you will have gained enough skills and confidence to apply to the Womb & Fertility Massage Course.




This course is open to all women who wish to join the Womb & Fertility Massage course without any prior massage experience.

This one day course has been created to provide participants with the relevant skills and confidence before attending the Womb & Fertility Massage Course.

Our experience has taught us that women who have attended the 4 day course without any massage experience, would have benefited from attending a prior basic massage course.

You will be required to complete this one day course, along with the 3 additional online modules through Think Tree to gain the Approved Diploma. Click here for further information 

Certification Process

Students will be assessed on the day and again during the Womb & Fertility Massage course to ensure they have embedded the information.