Calling in your Baby

Calling in your Baby

I’d like to share a personal experience with you. Many years before my husband & I were ready to conceive, I would talk about baby names, something that I know many women like to do! My husband, like most men, told me that until we were actually pregnant, we would not discuss it, he had no names in  mind; end of story!

I started to dream about a little girl, I could see her aged about 3 or 4, then again at 7. She would describe herself to me; the colours she liked to wear, the fact that she loved music, her love of animals and her ability to heal others. BUT she never shared her name.  She appeared so many times, that I kept a journal.

Then one day I was lying in the bath, and I heard our daughter call to me and she said “Mummy, you don’t choose my name, Daddy does” at that, I jumped out of the bath, ran downstairs to my husband and told him what had happened. He was in the middle of cooking dinner, and turned round and said, “Yes, it’s Savannah” and then turned back to his cooking like nothing had happened.

A few years later, we had moved to Australia, and were ready to start thinking about starting our family. We spent 9 months cleansing our bodies physically and emotionally to ensure that we were in the best possible place for welcoming in our baby.

Welcoming in Ceremony

We chose a date to coincide with a full moon, and returned to the place where we had wed 4 years previously, a beautiful spot next to a river in Mid-north NSW, Australia.

We created an altar, using a red bowl filled with water from the river to represent my womb, a candle from our wedding, Goddess Gaia, Incense and crystals. (Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz)

Sitting opposite each other, hands crossed in a figure of “8”, we shared with each other how we felt the other would be as a parent, why we had chosen them to be the father/mother of our baby and the amazing qualities we would share with our child.

Then, using the name “Savannah”, we called her in, we let her know that we were ready for her to come to us, and that we opened our hearts and my womb to her.whie butterfly

At that moment, a white butterfly flew between us, I admit I wept…and the following month, our darling daughter came into my womb and heart.


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