Guided Visualisations


These 5 Guided Visualisations will take you on a journey to help connect,
cleanse and heal your womb. You are guided to create a Womb room ready to
welcome and call in your future baby.

Starting with “Golden Lotus Flower” to bring love, positivity and vibrancy to your womb and welcome the reconnection to your womb.

You will then be encouraged to bring golden energy to your womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries, and feel them dance in their freedom and joy in the “Dancing Womb” visualisation.

Connecting to the divine energy of “Mother Earth, Moon & Sun“, allowing the energy of each to fill up your womb, and becoming aware of which energy you are drawn to.

You are encouraged to “Release Negative Emotions, Feelings & Memories”  in this beautiful journey. Each time you revisit this meditation, you will free yourself deeper and deeper.

Guiding you to “Create a Womb Room” ready to welcome your new little one into your womb, just as you would create a nursery when you are pregnant. Prepare to welcome your baby into your womb…


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  • 5 Guided Visualisations (mp3)
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