Womb Mentors

Womb Mentorship Programme

The new Mentorship Programme has been created to offer follow up support to therapists that have completed their course and would love to have some further one  2 one sessions with a “Womb Mentor” to guide and support them.

You can also visit one of the womb mentors instead of attending a Refresher course to update your skills.

Womb Mentor Role

  • To offer massage support
  • To continue their healing process
  • To help you build confidence in FM

Womb Mentor Session

  • Depending on your mentor, you will either choose to work on them or bring a buddy to massage. Your mentor will guide you with any techniques that you are not so confident with
  • You may be able to use your mentor as a case study to build your  confidence and complete case studies
  • You may wish to receive a treatment from them to either continue your healing or to learn through receiving.


Each womb mentor will set their own fees based on their hourly rate.

Womb Mentors


Andrea Clarke – Midlands

Leora Leboff – London

Dominique Ammon – South West


Rebecca Chisholm – Edinburgh

Northern Ireland

Sharon Wellings – Belfast


Tricia O’Donovan – Cork


Janine De Wolf

Marije Jelsma


Carol Day – Melbourne

Edwina Taylor – Perth

Melissa Hildage -Sydney