Institut Marques

Institut Marques

Fertility Massage are delighted to be working alongside Institut Marques; a clinic we are proud to collaborate with as they offer outstanding customer care, innovative research and fabulous success rates.

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Institut Marquès is an international reference centre in Gynaecology and Assisted Reproduction with more than 95 years of experience. Dr. Marisa López-Teijón and Dr. Leonardo Marquès Amorós manage the Spanish clinic with a number of headquarters in Europe.



Leaders in innovation and with an excellence-based medical care, Institut Marquès receives patients from more than 50 countries, specialising in complex cases (patients with previous failed assisted reproduction cycles) and one of the best success rates, with 89% pregnancy rate (cumulative at 12 weeks scan) for IVF with Egg Donation.

UK based patients can choose between travelling to Institut Marquès’ headquarters in Barcelona or doing the full treatment at Institut Marquès Clane (Ireland). In the case of an egg donation, the sperm sample can also be collected in the UK; this way only the woman will be required to travel on the day of the embryo transfer.

Treatments and services

Institut Marquès has its own Sperm Bank and a broad Egg Donation programme with all phenotypes available. The clinic offers the possibility of using both an anonymous and a non-anonymous donor.

Furthermore, Institut Marquès is pioneer in the development of one of the largest Embryo Adoption Programmes  worldwide, which has led to the birth of 1,000 babies so far. The embryos come from families who have previously undergone an assisted reproduction cycle and no longer wish to have more children. Embryo Adoption can be carried out both in Barcelona and in Clane.

Innovation, high quality and transparency 

Institut Marquès dedicates a large part of its resources to new processes, R&D and the continuous improvement of treatments.

Some of this important research has led, i.e., to innovations in the field of male infertility, as well as to establishing the benefits of the use of music at the beginning of life and for fetal stimulation. In all laboratories of the centre, embryos are exposed 24/7 to musical micro-vibrations in the incubators. The vast research carried out showed that music increased the rate of in vitro fertilisation by 5%.

Moreover, Institut Marquès has developed the Embryomobile, an app pioneer in the world that allows parents to follow up online and in real time (from home or any other location) the development of their embryos during the days they are developing in the Embryoscope. This is an example of transparency and quality that patients greatly appreciate.

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