Course Outline

Course Outline



Module 1

Sisterhood Circle “To be Heard & Held”

Welcome Circle

Womb Blessing & Meditation

Basic Anatomy & Physiology

Womb Massage Demonstration

Womb Massage Practical


Module 2

Restoring the Soul

Sharing the energetic aspects to the Abdominal Massage

Abdominal & Womb Massage Demonstration

Abdominal & Womb Massage Practical


Restoring the Soul Ceremony

Module 3

Exploring the 4 Menstrual Archetypes

Sacral Massage Demonstration

Sacral Massage Practical

Menstrual Seasons & Archetypes Discussion

Womb Medicine – explore the four archetypes with an embodied experience


Module 4

Gifting this Sacred Feminine Therapy

Self-Care Discussion and Q&A

Complete Fertility Massage Practical

Practical Assessment

Reclaiming Spiral Ceremony



Due to the course being an immersive and embodied, organic experience, Day 2 & 3 may alter according to the needs of the individual group. All elements will be covered during the 4 days.


Online Components

Theory is covered as distance learning, using downloads, videos, 240pg Course Handbook and PowerPoints.

Course Experience

Day One – Nymph

As you enter into the space, you feel a buzzing of excitement as you step forwards onto a new path, tinged with a little ungrounded, nervousness as to what is to come. The day starts with a sharing circle and meditation, with a Mind, Heart & Womb Blessing – an initiation as you cross the first threshold, being welcomed into the sisterhood. Followed by a practical session of the womb massage, igniting exploration within.

Day Two – Creatrix

With a more centred and grounded inner feeling, we start the day exploring the emotional and spiritual aspects of all that is held within our abdomens; all that may be blocking our creative flow. Nurturing each other with the whole abdominal massage we come to close the day with experiencing the Rebozo bodywork, complete with the Restoring the Soul ceremonial wrap. Holding our energy in a safe and connected space as we prepare to enter the next phase.

Day Three – Warrior

The day begins with an exploration of how we can enhance our sexual energy, tapping into an open and honest conversation between sister’s. Delving into the four archetypes of the menstrual cycle followed by an embodied journey through each life phase, menstrual phase and moon phase, we invite raw truths to surface in a safe and held space.

Day Four – Wisdom Keeper

Entering into this day; witnessing the full treatment being gifted as a ceremonial dance, you are then invited to go within and nurture your sister’s through touch, wisdom and love. As you slowly come out of this energy, we connect into the wisdom of our ancestors during a Reclaiming Spiral Ceremony, ready to emerge back into the Nymph phase, having spiralled through a layer with a raised awareness and enhanced consciousness.


Course Certification

You can attend the course either for your interest or if you wish to receive Fertility Massage Certification, you will need to fill the following requirements:

Upon these being fulfilled, you will be issued with a Fertility Massage Certificate which is accredited/approved by Think Tree Hub, CThA, FHT, IICT and MMA.

Your certificate will be valid for 3 years form the date of your course. To ensure the standard of practice is kept to a high level, we invite all therapists to join us for a Refresher & Reassessment day prior to the expiration of their certificate. This will allow therapists to continue being listed on the website as a practitioner, be a member of the Facebook group and gain insurance.


* The theory exam is an open-book exam, made up of multiple choice or short answer which you complete at home.

**The practical exam is held on the final day, and I do not expect you to “know” the massage, however, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your movement, energy and skills in a relaxed environment.