Course Outline

Course Outline

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Course Timings

10am to 5pm each day.

(Arrival 9.30/9.45am)

Module 1

Womb Blessing & Meditation

Womb Altar

Basic A&P

Womb Massage Demonstration

Womb Massage Practical


Module 2

Abdominal Massage Demonstration

Abdominal Massage Practical

Menstrual Seasons (energetic approach to menstruation)



Module 3

Sacral Massage Demonstration

Sacral Massage Practical

Rebozo & Closing the Bones Ceremony

Guided Visualisation & Spiral Ceremony


Module 4

Theory Q&A

Complete Fertility Massage Demonstration

Complete Fertility Massage Practical

Here’s an insight into the 4 day journey on a Fertility Massage Course



The theory lessons are taught via distance learning. You will have access to video downloads and accompanied by powerpoint handouts. There is an allocated time for Q&A to discuss theory.


You can attend the course either for your interest or if you wish to receive Fertility Massage Certification, you will need to fill the following requirements:FHT LOGO REDRAW 1

Upon these being fulfilled, you will be issued with a Fertility Massage Certificate which is accredited by FHT, approved for 20 CPD points with CThA and an approved provider with AAMT in Australia.CThA-Medium





* The theory exam is an open-book exam, made up of multiple choice or short answer which you complete at home.

**The practical exam is held on the final day, and I do not expect you to “know” the massage, however, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your movement, energy and skills in a relaxed environment.