Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke

West & East Midlands (Birmingham, Derby & Nottingham) & Warwickshire (Leamington Spa)

 AndreaHi, I am a body-worker and healer, specialising in women’s health and fertility. I began specialising in fertility back in 2009 as I began training in Reproductive Reflexology. I loved this work immediately and felt I had found my calling! This lead me to workshops in Maya Therapy (abdominal therapy), and Womb Blessings and eventually to training in Fertility Massage Therapy…..truly, I felt I was at home and feel very blessed. I know and feel the difference that all of this has had on my own menstrual cycle and feelings about myself. So I now believe that “everyone women should be able to experience a fertility massage, since it is key to connecting us to our wombs and so to our true selves and creativity”.

I work with women and couples you are looking for support in preconception or have already embarked on their fertility journey. I work with both natural and assisted conception through a variety of techniques: fertility massage, fertility reflexology and energy healing. Fertility massage (abdominal sacral) can be just as well applied to any menstrual imbalance as well as to menopause. I look forward to sharing this amazing therapy with you

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